Platonic SeriesPlatonic: a hilarious 10-part comedy is a new series on Apple TV. The series stars Seth Rogan as Will and Rose Byrne as Sylvia.

Platonic is a comedic story about Will and Sylvia, who were once best friends but grew apart. As they enter midlife, they reconnect and their friendship becomes intense, causing chaos and laughter in their lives.

This series, reminiscent of the Neighbors movies, challenges your perception of friendship. It combines naturalistic dialogue-based comedy with playful physical gags.

The show takes a dig at the same old concept of whether men and women can be friends or not. It adds an interesting twist by showing how men and women can also be terrible, clingy, and selfish friends, causing chaos for everyone around them.

Platonic doesn’t try anything revolutionary, but it’s refreshing to see a laid-back comedy that embraces flawed and sometimes unlikable characters.

You are going to have a good time watching this series on Apple TV.