Date With Saie: A Stalker Thriller You Need To StreamIf your Thursdays are synonyms with thrillers then you need to stream this Marathi series on Zee5. Date With Saie will give you a chilling experience as a stalker thriller.

The web series has names like Saie Tamhankar and Rohit Kokate who will mesmerize you with their stellar performance. The show has been written and directed by Dyanesh Zoting.

The story revolves around Saie Tamhankar who is a big name in the Marathi industry. She meets an NRI banker Himanshu at a Janmashtami celebration. Unfortunate events led to mishaps and Himanshu comes to the rescue multiple times. With the unfolding of the true identity of Himanshu, the story takes us to the edges of our seats.

Raghunath is an aspiring filmmaker who wants to direct his version of The Truman Show but with the essence of reality. So he imitates the role of the banker and started to record their meetings. The story will hook you up in the beginning but loses its charm in the middle.

The show has a unique way of storytelling and doesn’t fade into the world of thrillers. A compact storyline and a bit more character development would have made the experience more enjoyable. But the stellar performance by the cast and the great cinematography will not let it go to vain.