Karima JiwaniWith the arrest of Karima Jiwani, an Indian-origin mother, for the attempted murder, child abuse, and abandonment of her newborn baby daughter, Georgia Police made progress in a case open for four years.

Jiwani was recognized as the child’s biological parent by DNA testing. The youngster was discovered in the woods wrapped up in a plastic bag. Jiwani’s actions shocked Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman, who referred to her as the “biological parent” rather than a mother.

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The newborn was adopted and is now known as “Baby India” by hospital workers. He or she is now said to be a healthy and content infant. The father of the kid, who was not informed of the pregnancy, is not facing any charges.

Jiwani has a history of unexpected pregnancies and covert pregnancies; she likely gave birth to the kid in a car before leaving it. Jiwani did not use the Georgia Safe Haven Law, which permits parents to leave their infants in certain areas without being prosecuted.

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