OpenAI-ChatGPTMira Murati, OpenAI’s CTO, tweeted that ChatGPT, a popular language model, has launched as an iPhone app. On Thursday, ChatGPT released its first smartphone app. Since its introduction last year, ChatGPT has had over 100 million users, forcing IT companies to adopt and invest in AI.

On the Apple App Store, OpenAI has posted samples of the app’s capabilities, including answering questions about coffee-loving mums’ birthday gifts and politely declining concert invitations. In a corporate blog post, ChatGPT can also accept voice input.

ChatGPT has been available online through OpenAI’s website and a third-party app interface till now. This is OpenAI’s first Apple App Store app.

ChatGPT is a “large language model,” a machine learning program that trains on vast volumes of data to produce outputs that resemble human-written paragraphs or computer code.

ChatGPT Plus costs $20 per month in-app and is free to download. ChatGPT Plus subscribers get extra features. An Android version of OpenAI’s mobile app is coming soon, reflecting the rising need for accessible and user-friendly AI-powered apps.