upi payment Japan may join India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) payment system, according to Minister of Digital Affairs Taro Kono. This allows Japanese citizens to deal with India, Singapore, and Thailand, which have also indicated an interest in joining the network.

Taro said UPI might improve payment system interoperability and was convenient. Japan and India are aggressively expanding digital cooperation, and Taro emphasized Japan’s commitment to joining UPI and studying EID mutual recognition as a starting point.

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Taro thinks UPI may be a convenient government-interoperable payment system. He believes UPI might change international commerce by becoming a cross-border payment standard.

Singapore, Thailand, UAE, Bahrain, Mauritius, and Indonesia want to join UPI. UPI’s features and seamless cross-border payment capability are why so many people are interested.

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Taro also noted that the G7 countries have decided to create a new structure with a secretariat to facilitate cross-border data flow. He hoped the Indian government will join this framework, enhancing international digital cooperation.

In conclusion, Japan’s Minister of Digital Affairs, Taro Kono, stressed Japan’s serious consideration of joining India’s UPI payment system. This ruling improves payment system interoperability and cross-border transactions.

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Taro praised UPI’s ease and promise as a cross-border payment system. India, Singapore, Thailand, and others are interested in UPI, highlighting its importance in international payments. Taro also hoped India will join the G7’s new framework to improve cross-border data flow and digital collaboration.