Priyanka-Chopra-Underwear-Bollywood-DirectorWhat a journey she had, from the name who was the undisputed queen of Bollywood to being on the list of almost forgotten. Priyanka Chopra indeed had a stellar career in the Hindi film industry and she almost conquered the city of dreams. But like every happy story, you must stop somewhere and so did she.

In a recent interview, she disclosed the reason for her quitting a Hindi film at the dawn of her career. The ‘dehumanizing’ event happened in either 2002 or 2003.

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Priyanka revealed that the director wanted to see her in underwear in a particular scene. She told the interviewer that “I’m undercover, I’m seducing the guy — obviously, that’s what girls do when they’re undercover. But I’m seducing the guy and you have to take off one piece of clothing [at a time]. I wanted to layer up. The filmmaker was like, No, I need to see her underwear. Otherwise, why is anybody coming to watch this movie?”

Later she added that the statement was directed toward the stylist. The event seemed very dehumanizing for her and after a short conversation with her father, she left the project.

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Maybe for internal politics or some beef, she left the industry but didn’t stop entertaining us. Citadel has been loved by the fans and gained some critical praise as well. As fans are waiting for Akhtar’s Jee Le Zara, Priyanka will be making a comeback very soon.

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