NTR All Set for Giving a Bang for Ram Charan

NTR-All-Set-for-Giving-a-Bang-for-Ram-Charan27th March happens to be Ram Charan’s birthday, but die to lockdown he can’t have the regular celebrations or surprises from his near and dear. However, his good friend NTR has planned a surprise.

Wishing he could have celebrated Ram Charan’s birthday in better circumstances, NTR revealed that he has got a digital surprise for him tomorrow at 10 a.m. “Trust me, this is a bang you won’t ever forget.”

So, the birthday surprise will be from Bheem for Ramaraju. It’s a known thing that Ram Charan quit Twitter long back and now is back on the social media platform along with his father’s debut on Twitter.

Ram Charan responded saying that he joined Twitter at the right time or else he could have missed the surprise from NTR. We are expecting that the digital surprise would be the introduction of Ram Charan’s character. Let’s wait for the surprise.

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