ChatGPT Creator Accused of Data TheftFrom a miraculous AI Chat bot to a massacre in data breach, ChatGPT and OpenAI are always at the top of their game when it comes to publicity. The mass usage of the Bot made life easier but it also brought some questions about how safe the users can feel with their data.

A few weeks ago Group-IB, a Singapore-based Cybersecurity company, published a report that more than 1 lakh ChatGPT accounts were hacked. Now the data theft allegation makes the data policy of the company more questionable than ever before.

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The accusation is that OpenAI is stealing a significant amount of personal data of the users to train their AI models. Now, if proven true, it can break people’s trust over the company and can break them into pieces.

A lawsuit has been filed against the organization, appealing for a class action. According to the extensive 157-page complaint, OpenAI allegedly obtained more or less 300 billion words from the internet through covert scraping. This collection of data supposedly encompassed personal information that was collected without the user’s awareness or consent.

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