Minimalism TollNow if I tell you to imagine a telephone booth, you will go for a red box with a white nameplate. But the modern minimalist designs will not only destroy your imagination but also your appreciation for the telephone booth.

Nowadays on Twitter, you can see a lot of threads on how modern designing and minimalism are playing with the craft of designing. From lampposts to your favorite logos, nostalgia is on the verge of getting extinct.

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A Twitter user recently posted two photos of phone booths, one is the big old red box and the other is the representative of pseudo-modernism. The big old box which we all love and know is designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott but it is losing its identity.

The caption read, “Name a bigger downgrade” and the comment section just did that. Some talked about the poster design of Attack of Titans and some talked about modern art. But probably very few things can compete with the downgrading of telephone booths.

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Slowly all the things from the past will lose their identity. Once the identity of royalty, the identity of the 20th century is now diluting within the wave of modern society. The red big box is now transforming into a black skeleton with glasses, and all we can do is watch. That’s what we all can do.