Bike Riding Helmeted DogIt is usual to see bike riders and their pillion passengers wearing helmets for protection in the rush and bustle of regular traffic. However, a new video has gone viral, displaying an astonishing sight: a guy riding a bike with a helmet-wearing dog as his pillion passenger in Tamil Nadu. Since it was published by the Twitter account @PMN2463 a day ago, this odd occurrence has triggered a surge of interest throughout social media platforms.

The video, with the tagline “Rule is Rule,” shows a human bike rider wearing a helmet and a black labrador sitting behind him, likewise wearing a helmet. The dog keeps an erect stance, resting its front two paws on the shoulders of the rider.

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The video has over 95,000 views and 700 likes. Netizens’ reactions to the video have been mixed, with some expressing outrage and others commending the man for taking such wonderful care of the dog. “I legitimately thought it was a lady with long hair until the biker approached them,” one user said. Another person said, “If you love someone, you care for them.”

This viral video has definitely captured the internet’s attention, provoking discussions, and arguments on how much importance we should place on the safety and well-being of our four-legged pals. This unexpected and heartfelt demonstration of care for a pet has clearly struck a chord with viewers, emphasizing the particular link we enjoy with our pets.

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