Work from RoadBengaluru, the capital city of the Indian state of Karnataka, is notorious for long traffic jams. However, since the city has grown and become the country’s new IT center, it is now home to offices of various large corporations, resulting in an inflow of individuals from throughout India and overseas.

While hour-long traffic delays are not unusual due to the city’s fast population growth and the huge strain placed on its infrastructure, it was this particular Tuesday morning rush hour that got everyone’s goat. Several folks on their way to work reported being forced to abandon their automobiles in the middle of the road and even return home.

Later, the Bengaluru City Traffic Police took to Twitter to report that a truck collision had caused the large tree to fall on the Outer Ring Road (ORR), and they advised people to use an alternate route until the slow traffic situation was handled.

“Slow traffic due to an HTV breakdown on the service road from the 27th main to Ibbalur.” It will be relocated shortly. Please cooperate,” the city’s traffic police tweeted.

In addition, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Sujeetha Salman, resorted to social media to clarify the issue. During the turmoil, many unhappy residents resorted to social media to complain about the city’s poor traffic control system.

“Congratulations @blrcitytraffic for this massive traffic mismanagement,” one person remarked. It’s been three hours… remained close to the Silk Board This is the worst traffic I’ve seen thus far. It’s past time for IT firms and IT startups to start exploring alternate locations. #Bengaluru #trafficinBengaluru.”

One user “thanked” the traffic and said, “Thanks, Silk Board traffic! I finished up some pending work, made some phone calls, meditated, and cleaned out my downloads and recycle bin files. And now I’m wondering what else I can do while delayed in traffic. “It takes one hour to travel from Bommanahalli to the Silk Board signal.”