Invisible IllusionNow who doesn’t want an invisibility cloak? And if you can take that from the pages of books or a movie to the real world, who won’t be flabbergasted? And artists are using this very image as an inspiration for their art form.

From streets to empty walls, Invisibility Illusions are everywhere, and this time we watch it on a tree by the riverside. Massimo posted a video on their Twitter handle that showed us a transition on a tree in Manhattan.

The artist chose a tree by the river and we can see a transformation. He covers it in a white cloth and slowly starts to work his magic out. Though most artists work with spray paint, he takes the traditional way. From a basic gray coat to touches of yellow to some blue, you will be mesmerized.

With patience he kept on drawing the skyline of Manhattan, the water of the river, the illusion was slowly taking life. And with time you will see how real it gets as it will be really tough to differentiate between the art and reality.

The comments have been constantly praising the artist. Some even said, “At first I was like, that’s not going to be good. Then it ended up being good.”

Social media has given artists a strong platform to showcase their art and if used correctly, you can easily build a name for yourself in the world of the internet.