Yevade Subramanyam Review

Yevade Subramanyam ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Doesn’t quite soar the heights.


“U” Certified, 145 Mins.,

Nani Yevade Subramanyam ReviewWhat is the film about?
A journey about rediscovering oneself in this busy commercial world.

How is Nani’s performance?
Nani is effective in the role as Subbu. There is nothing challenging for him performance wise here especially in first half. It’s all about delivering lines with timing which he does in his usual style.

Nag Ashwin Yevade Subramanyam ReviewDirection By Nag Ashwin?
Debutant director has taken a plot that is very often done among the small films. The coming of age film. However while many films are made with this plot not all manage to touch the audience or be memorable. Yevade Subrahmanium by Nag Ashwin is a film that almost manages to achieve that effect. It is largely due to well etched characterization and few nicely times dialogues. The screenplay is very predictable and full of genre clichés which is the biggest drawback for the film. It shows the characters going a change but while shown on screen one doesn’t connect to it as it all happens in an expectedly manner. Still the passion in the making makes this a decent debut venture.

Malavika Nair Yevade Subramanyam ReviewMalavika Nair, Rithu Varma and others performance?
Malavika Nair(Aanandi) has better and bigger role among the two heroines. She is almost a parallel lead in the film with the hero. She does her part well and is a major reason for people to either connect or not with the film. Other actor’s Krishnam Raju and Nasser have limited time to create any impact. Vijay Devarakonda has got a very important role in the film, if this role fails the entire film fails. Luckily the actor makes it work.

Radhan Yevade Subramanyam ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music by Radan is okay if we look in an overall sense. But couple of numbers are really good especially the song ‘O Manishi’. It’s placement and usage as part of background score really elevates the proceedings. Editing should have been tighter. Cinematography is fine. It is good in few portions but that could be attributed to the overall landscape. Dialogues are a mixed back. Few work well but there are many others that gives us forced feeling.

Highlights Yevade Subramanyam ReviewHighlights?
Overall message of the film.
Few dialogues.

Predictable screenplay.
Lack of depth in emotions.
Dragging second half.

Drawbacks Yevade Subramanyam ReviewAlternative take:
The subject such as these can be made better only with better screenplay and performances that the audience need to connect at personal level. An alternative take therefore would be a more unpredictable and organic development of the screenplay.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes in parts.

Will you recommend it?
Yes, but remember it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Yevade Subramanyam Review by Siddhartha

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