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Decent Propaganda Flick


‘U’ Certified,

Mammootty -YSR Biopic -Yatra Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Yatra is a biopic of late and last Chief Minister of erstwhile united Andhra Pradesh YS Rajasekhar Reddy. The film basically shows how the journey that YSR took help him make election winning manifesto promises for the party.

How Is Mammootty’s Performance?
The biggest masterstroke for the movie is the selection of the Malayalam legend Mammootty for the role of YS Rajasekhar Reddy. Mammootty is a terrific actor and he brings his great acting skills to the fore once again. He simply lives in the character of YS Rajasekhar Reddy. Playing a real-life character is tricky as the difference between mimicking and playing it real-like in own way, but not deviating from it is very thin. The output will be visible onscreen for everyone.

Mammootty picks the body language of YSR and owns it totally. The dialogue delivery which many thought would have been a problem is also well done as after a point one totally forgot that as an issue. His casting is the biggest asset to the movie undoubtedly.

Director Mahi RaghavDirection by Mahi Raghav?
Director Mahi V Raghav has come out with a new film after Aanando Brahma. It is mentioned to highlight the genre, those who don’t know its a horror comedy. The point being the entirely different outings. The first flick was also similarly uncomparable.

In his three outings, Mahi V Raghav has shown progressive improvement as a director. His grip on the medium has got better but it still needs to be sharpened. That’s the problem with the director as at times Yatra feels too forced dramatically and there is also a feeling that some of those scenes could have been handled better.

Coming to the film, the narrative takes time to get going. It actually gains momentum from the beginning of the ‘Yatra’ in the movie. It goes about its narrative in an unflinching manner from thereon. The second half also maintains the same tempo and builds the momentum towards the final minutes which are neatly blended into the real-life footage. The ending is perfectly done. Overall, Yatra achieves what it sets out to do.

Now here is the real issue with Yatra. It is a propaganda movie. The director is clear with it and proceeds that way. The content here is about the welfare programs and how they came about in the process of the journey. One should not forget this aspect while watching the movie. With that in mind, Yatra is a decently made propaganda flick. The extent of connecting (or lack of) will depend on whether one is aligned to their ideology or not.

Ahsritha Vemuganti - Yatra Movie ReviewAshrita and Others?
There are no heroines in the movie as it’s based on a particular event in a real life of a person. Only those people involved in those circumstances are shown and they have small parts. The casting is neat with good choices for all roles be it small or somewhat big. Sachin Khedekar and Rao Ramesh stand out among the many artists. Posani Krishna Murali is apt for the role chosen. The rest of the actors are decent in their small parts. Jagapthi Babu and Suhasini appeared in a tiny part.

music-director-Krishna-KumarMusic and Other Departments?
The songs are alright and go with the flow of the movie. ‘K’ has done a neat job with it. The background score too is appropriate without going overboard. The cinematography is okay. The editing could have been crispier. The writing is excellent with many dialogues standing out.

Jagapathi Babu Yatra Movie ReviewHighlights?
Few Emotional Scenes

No Story Only Propaganda
Slow Pace

Posani-Krishna-MuraliAlternative Take
It is alright for what it is and there is nothing much to change except maybe the shooting style

Did I Enjoy It?
In Parts

Will You Recommend It?
It’s For DieHard Fans Only

Yatra Review by Siddartha

Yatra -Preview
Final Report:

Yatra is a film with the Sole Purpose of Glorifying YSR. It is a fine documentary to that purpose made to please YSR fans which will not go well with the other sections of the audience. Review coming soon.

– FInally, YSR becomes the Chief Minister. The movie comes to an end. Final report shortly.

– After establishing High command as a negative force, YSR started to dictate his terms.

– YS Jagan’s first reference in the movie. He calls his father YSR to find out how he is doing. YSR calls him ‘Sunny’ on phone.

– Jagapathi Babu comes back as YRS’s father for another brief flashback.

– Yatra second half started. YSR continuing his Pada Yatra.

First Half Report:

Yatra first half is alright. The movie runs on a very slow pace, heavily promoting every step of YSR. Dialogues are the highlight so-far.

– YSR announces free current for the farmers if voted to power.

– YSR sits for Dharna in support of farmers.

– YSR’s Praja Prasthana Yatra continues.

– First dig at Chandrababu Naidu using the cash for vote leaked conversation.

– YSR announces Pada Yatra. He started finding issues on ground.

– YSR is worried about the party’s unpreparedness as the ruling party declared to go for early elections.

– Jagapathi Babu as Raja Reddy in a very brief flashback.

– YSR’s political journey is being shown in a subtle manner.

– Simple intro for Mammootty as YSR with a couple of impressive dialogues.

– Yatra show started. Title cards showing YRS’s key details from the past.

Yatra US premier live updates will begin at 6.30 pm EST (5 am IST).

Yatra isn’t like the biopics on Mahanati Savitri or NTR as the duo are legendary celebrities who enjoyed an immense fan following and had dramatic moments in their respective lives worth telling. ‘Yatra’ is the biopic of a politician who didn’t belong to the glamour industry but has earned a charm of his own.

This is the actual point and the content is driven on his greatest achievement, the walkathon. So, ‘Yatra’ premiere shows will begin with a positive note because there is a clarity in the content and also it’s not going to be overcrowded with all the events that don’t add to the drama. Precisely, it’s YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s great walk to victory that forms the crux of the biopic.

Mammootty playing YSR’s role adds weight to the movie and Mahi V Raghav’s claims during the promotions make it very clear that his intentions are genuine though there might be some political overtures. The music is decent for this kind of biopic on a personality who seemed to be plain but very impressive.

Overall, there is no unnecessary hype to make matters difficult for the movie. Expectations are decent and there is no burden of comparison with ‘NTR Mahanayakudu’ as its release was postponed indefinitely. So far, everything is good for ‘Yatra’. The time has arrived to know how Mahi V Raghav has brought alive the historical moments of the walkathon and its emotions on the screen.

Keep watching this space for a genuine ‘Yatra’ review from mirchi9 team, folks!