Yamudiki Mogudu Review

Yamuduki-Mogudu-Movie-reviewTHE BOTTOM LINE
Yama Dharmaraju Treated Badly.

130.00 Minutes


What is ‘Yemudu Ki Mogudu’ about?
Naradha (Naresh) creates a tangle between Brahma (chalapathi Rao) and Saraswathi (Sana) which results in creation of Naresh (Allari Naresh) wih out fate (Thala ratha). Due to this, Naresh will also have godly powers in him. He then loves and marries Yamaja (Richa Panay), the daughter of Yama (Shiyaji Shinde). As Naresh has godly powers with him, he takes revenge on his family members. And the rest of the story is all about how Naresh saves his family and love.

Yamudiki Mogudu Review

Is this a perfect Allari Naresh film?
Yes, the movie has the comedy element that is expected from an Allari Naresh story but sounded routine at many places. And the actor had perfectly emulated it too.

How is Satti Babu’s direction?
The stories revolving around Yama dharmaraju are usually the safest bets in Telugu industry but the movie failed to cash in the key points. The all important scenes involving Yama and Naresh are not convincingly dealt with. The movie became too predictable at times. All the songs are misplaced disturbing the flow of the movie.

What about Richa Panai?
Richa Panai had done good for a first timer. She had not much importance in the movie but she managed in whatever she is offered.

What about Graphics?
Graphics is certainly core component of any socio fantasy movie. The Graphics are not taken care of. They are below average on screen.
Yamudiki Mogudu Review
What about the comedy and other actors?
Shiyaji Shinde is entirely misfit in the role of Yama. It is the biggest blunder of the movie. It is good to see Ramya Krishna on screen after a long time even though she is out of shape. Chalapathi Rao, Sana, Senior Naresh and all are okay in the little roles they are offered.
How is Music, Songs and Dances?
All the songs exclusing the remix of Aththo Athamma Kuthuro are misplaced. They are just averagely pictured too.

How is the Cinematography?
Ravindra Babu’s Camera work is okay. Effects are pretty normal.

Yamudiki Mogudu Review

What are the highlights?
1. Naresh’s comedy timing
2. Ramya Krishna’s screen presence
3. Master Bharath’s comedy scenes

Any Drawbacks?
1. The first 15 minutes of the movie
2. Pre-climax
3. All songs
4. Scenes between Naresh and Yama

Yamudiki Mogudu Review
What about its box office prospects?
It is sad that Naresh failed to make use of the most salable concept in the Tollywood history. The openings of the movie are quite poor and the full run may not be any better..

Did I enjoy it?

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