Yamapasham ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Misses the zombie fun


U/A Certified – 109 mins

Yamapasham ReviewWhat is the film about?
A dangerous virus turns people into zombies. How a group survives this zombie attack is what the film is all about.

How is Jayam Ravi’s performance?
There is nothing special here, Jayam Ravi is fine as usual. There is really nothing much scope here to perform in a way that could be memorable except that it’s a different genre.

Yamapasham ReviewDirection By Shakti S. Rajan?
Director Shakti Sounder Rajan checks all the boxes that we see in zombie movies in west but he fails to bring either the emotional impact or the craziness associated with successful films of this genre of movies. He simply follows the formula by the books. The only good thing here is that the pace for most part never slackens. First half of the film is better in comparison with the second. The climax is pretty long and the end hinting at a sequel is not neatly done.

Yamapasham ReviewLakshmi Menon and others?
Lakshmi Menon has a decent role, it comes into play in the second half of the film as the focus is more on the group. She is fine in the one or two scenes she is given scope to perform. However the actors who gets a real deal after hero is Kaali Venkat and child actress Anikha Surendran. Both are there right from the beginning till the end and does there part with great sincerity and lands a few punches correctly. RNR Manohar is decent and provides few laughs. Sriman in a short role is alright.

Yamapasham ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music by D Imman is okay. The background score is slightly better with few high points. Cinematography is good. Editing should have been better along with makeup. Dubbing is pretty average.

Yamapasham ReviewHighlights?
Basic zombie concept
First half

No real rush or excitement

Yamapasham ReviewAlternative Take
Instead of making a by the books film, it could have been better if the film was made with tweaks done to the clichés seen in this genre.

Did I enjoy it?
Very few parts.

Will you recommend it?

Yamapasham Review by Siddhartha