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No Recall Value


‘U/A’ Certified, 1 hrs 57 mins

Voter Telugu Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?Gautham (Manchu Vishnu) is an NRI return who falls in love with Bhavana(Surabhi). She is ready to accept him with a condition. How it changes the life of Gautham and links him to politician Bhusan (Sampath Raj) is what the film is all about?

How Is Vishnu’s Performance?
Manchu Vishnu comes up with a sincere act. It is nothing special, but the fact that he doesn’t seem to sleepwalk the movie which has been so long in the making is commendable. In the action scenes, Vishnu is very apt whenever it has been shot well. Still, it is a forgetful outing for the actor as there is zero appeal in the product itself.

Director G. S. Karthik ReddyDirection by GS Karthik?
GS Karthik is the writer and director of Voter. He has an interesting, refreshing idea, but nothing else is in the same zone. The idea too is placed in the most routine and outdated screenplay format making the whole exercise futile.

Until the interval, the entire first half runs on silly romance and comedy. That there is a serious political track developed out of it makes one take everything lightly. The lack of seriousness is a significant issue for the underlying theme and message the movie wants to convey.

We do get to the core point at the start of the second half with the introduction of the concept of ‘recall election’. The idea is excellent, but the way it is executed leaves a lot to be desired if one actually turns up to watch the movie. Within the political framework, Voter puts a different point, but the director fails to present it powerfully, making it a talking point.

Also, the entire second half run on a single track with romantic punctuations in between. The whole thing screams outdated the way it has been shot and visualized. The climax lacks the powerful impact and fizzes out instantly. The only good thing in the entire second half is a message and a comic bit involving viral political interview videos.

It, therefore, need not be highlighted especially, that Voter is a waste of time, and instead of watching this, you can recall and recollect some many other critical stuff.

SurabhiSurabhi and Others?
Surabhi is wasted in a role that is typical of heroines in regular commercial potboilers. She is there mostly for songs, and the character is designed in a way to give her misplaced importance. It is a forgettable outing. Sampath Raj is his usual self when doing the commercial Telugu films, which is being loud. Posani Murali Krishna plays his repetitive part effectively. The rest of the cast has nothing much to do besides showing up at critical moments.

Music-Director-ThamanMusic and Other Departments?
SS Thaman’s music is bland and unmemorable. However, the one background score before the interval mark during the first big fight of the movie is extraordinary, even though it sounds highly inspired. Technically the film is a wreck with all the major departments failing. The cinematography is substandard; the editing is needlessly zappy. The writing is below par, and the action choreography is way past the prime time of such execution.

Krishna Murali PosaniHighlights?
Short Runtime
One Comedy Scene

Outdated Narration
Substandard Quality
Second Half

Alternative Take
Introducing the core concept much earlier and building a few other characters to let the story flow organically, especially in the second half.

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Voter Review by Siddartha