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Tasteless Meal



Satya - Vivaha Bhojanambu Telugu Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Mahesh (Sathya) is a stingy miser who gets married when the pandemic just sets in. When he pushes for a low-cost marriage, the Lockdown is announced leaving him to feed the family of his in-laws.  The rest is all about how his struggle to sneak them out of Hyderabad before he is broke.

How Is Sathya’s Performance?

Sathya is easily the best of the film. He plays the lead role in the film. The lead does not naturally mean what we expect from the lead heroes of the films. He gets a role tailor-made for him and sleep-walks through it without any effort. Only at a couple of places, he needs to perform in emotional sequences which are out of his comfort zone. He ‘manages’ it decently.

Director Ram Abbaraju - Vivaha Bhojanambu Telugu Movie ReviewAnalysis

The best part of the film is the very relatable premise of the story. We get to connect with many scenes which we have really seen during the Lockdown. People discriminating Corona patients, patients trying to escape from medical teams, roaming into other areas in the name of salt and sugar, trying to escape on ambulances or essential items delivery vehicles, etc will remind us about the hassles we all have gone through during the Lockdown.

The basic plot minus the Corona is not anything new. The director, Ram Abbaraju gave it a novel and relatable touch by mixing the story with Lockdown’s hassles.

The movie loosely resembles Bhale Bhale Magadivoy without the Lockdown angle. He has taken several liberties in the process which gives us an illogical feeling. We usually do not get the feeling if the comedy is hilarious. But then, the director failed the story big time in executing it properly.

For the best part of the film, we only feel the comedy is forced. There are places where it works but that is not enough to save the story. The movie does not get going in the initial parts.

The reactions of Anitha’s parents when they came to know about the marriage are too simple to be comfortable. Things get slightly better when the Lockdown is imposed. The flashback and Sundeep Kishan’s track reeks of boredom and predictability.

The climax again is forced and too plain. We get a feeling that we have watched the track of ‘FIL-realizing-the-greatness-of-SIL’ at least in 2-3 dozens of films.

Finally, Vivaha Bhojanambu has a decent premise that has been badly let down by very ordinary writing and execution. It is so badly handled that it does not make a decent Digital watch. Right decision by the makers to skip the theatrical release but not so good for SonyLIV to invest in it.

Aarjavee - Vivaha Bhojanambu Telugu Movie ReviewOthers?

The choice of the characters is pretty good but they have been let down by some poor writing. Aarjavee does not get much meat and is strictly okay with whatever she is offered. Sudharshan who plays the hero’s sidekick makes his presence felt with good comedy timing. Srikanth Iyengar and Amrutham Sivanarayana get crucial roles. Srikanth Iyengar is fine in some places and overacts in some. Sivanarayana is okay. Sundeep Kishan is alright in a cameo.

Music DirectorMusic and Other Departments?

AniVee’s background score is nothing remarkable. It feels old-fashioned at places but that is not threatening to the film in any way. The songs do not have much relevance to the story and do not get registered in the minds of the audience. Mani Kandan came up with good visuals. Vivaha Bhojanambu is a story that does not need much of a budget as most of the film happens in a house. So, the production values look appropriate.

Sundeep Kishan - Vivaha Bhojanambu Telugu Movie ReviewHighlights?

Relatable Premise with Lockdown Backdrop

Sathya’s Comedy Timing


Bad Writing

Predictability and Logical Issues

Flashback and Climax

Srikanth Iyyengar - Vivaha Bhojanambu Telugu Movie ReviewDid I Enjoy It?

Here and There

Will You Recommend It?

May try for Digital Watch

Vivaha Bhojanambu Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti