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Delete The Virus From Memory


2 hrs 02 mins

Sampoornesh-BabuWhat is the film about?
A respected elder gets killed in an apartment, and its blame is put on Kittu (Sampoornesh Babu). How he absolves himself of the crime is what the basic story of the film is about?

How is Sampoornesh’s performance?
Sampoornesh Babu acts like he has been right from the beginning only the interest and energy seems to be missing. Also, he seems to seriously believe him to be a star which also doesn’t work when the dialogues also get into his seriousness. The fun is missing in his act as he comes across as one-trick pony.

SR KrishnaDirection By SR Krishna?
SR Krishna has an interesting topic to handle, but he has no focus on what to deal with. The narration is all over the place and also the direction is terrible. The whole thing feels disjointed and is on a short film level.

The beginning of the movie is interesting, but as it progresses, it gets incredibly dull and boring. The momentum picks up towards the interval, but it is let go immediately after the movie resumes post interval. Everything that happens is devoid of logic and clarity. The making is appalling and amateur level. The second half with all the revelations is weak. The climax message is good but what happens with the twist is not at all convincing, and once again the logic goes for a toss. Overall the movie is a forgettable venture for everyone involved.

Nidhi-ShahNidhi Shah, Gaatha Shah and others?
There are a number of characters, but none have an appropriately etched character. They all come and go and do their parts but without any importance to them. Vennela Kishore surprises with his act and that all that can be said. The rest are just fillers.

music-directorMusic and other departments?
Music by Meenakshi is bad. The background score by Sunil Kashyap is below par. Technically the film is inferior in all the departments.

Climax message

Everything else

Chammak-ChandraAlternative Take
A strong, impactful thriller could be made with a tight script involving only the Ananya track in the movie.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Virus Review by Siddartha Toleti