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Virgin-Love-Story-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
A girl is upset with his cheating boyfriend and decides to break up with him. At the same time, she wants to teach him a lesson and opts to go for a one-night stand with another guy, the hero. As they set on the journey of that one night, they run into problems stopping that.

Vikram Sahidev who previously played a negative role in Rowdy Boys is the protagonist. In Rowdy Boys, he is a misfit to the character but it is a complete contrast here. This story and character suit his age and looks. He is okay and danced well in a song in the second half. There are a couple of emotional sequences and it is the department where he should improve.

Initial parts of the film, we find it hard to get used to his voice but slowly, we get into it. From then, we do not have a problem with his character. The real problem here is the heroine played by Sowmika Pandiyan.This character needed to be extremely cute on-screen and compliment the young hero. As a result, the pair looks odd and the chemistry never keeps happening.

The rest of the supporting cast is further bad. Some of them even look alien to the Telugu films. The auto driver and grandmother characters are irritating due to bad writing. The guys who played the hero’s brother and Lissy are terrible. We have known faces like Thagubothu Ramesh and Raghu Karumanchi coming in little and forgettable roles. The rest are not even worth mentioning.

Director Pradip AtluriAnalysis
Pradip B. Atluri has written and directed Virgin Story and he should be taking the major blame. One Night Stand is a youthful and relatively fresh concept for the Telugu audience. He seems to have been inspired by Netflix teen titles like Kissing Booth, The Perfect Date, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before etc. But the good things end there.

When the story happens on a wafer-thin concept and supposed to be a coming of age new generation subject, the director needs to get his pen perfect. It needs solid writing with loads of humor and the pair looking cute and adorable. We already spoke about the chemistry not happening because of the heroine. The writing is a dampener here. We see them trying to make a comedy but that barely works.

Once they set on the one-night stand adventure, they keep going in search of places but face different problems. In a way, the places keep changing and the problems keep recurring. It is extremely important to avoid repetitiveness with good comedy and scintillating chemistry. But that never works. Towards the end of the first half, we have the characters of a Grandmother and Auto Driver which are irritating to the core. The first half ends with a feeling – they tried but did not work.

The second half is a further letdown. The absence of a proper conflict haunts even more here. The place hunt continues and the scenes keep repeating. We have a predictable and boring flashback to establish the hero’s character. They keep going to various parties (probably inspired by the frequent parties that happen abroad). There are a couple of police tracks which are patience testers and time gap fillers. All these only add to the unnecessary runtime and troubles the movie further. The climax again is on expected lined and clichéd.

Finally, Virgin Story is a boring attempt thanks to the bad writing and execution. But then, one should mention that care has been taken to avoid anything vulgar. But even that may be a problem. There are people who may go to the film expecting it and get disappointed and there are people who stay away for the same reason. For those who went with no such impression, there are these blunders by the director.

Music Director -Achu-RajamaniMusic and Other Departments?
As said earlier, newcomer Pradip has failed in the writing and direction departments as well. Acchu Rajamani’s music is lackluster and the background music is okay in parts. The cinematography is not bad or not good. The production values give us a moderate impression. Due to various problems in the writing, there is nothing much the editor could do about the film.

Story Idea

Stale Comedy and Fake Emotions

Comedian - Bhadram
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Virgin Story Telugu Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti

Virgin Story Telugu Movie Review

Final Report:

Virgin Story is all about a planned one night stand between a boy and girl. It is all the movie has from start to end. It might be an amusing idea to the makers conceptually, but is an utter failure execution wise. The final result is an excruciatingly boring and painful watch. Watch out for our detailed review later.

— The never ending saga about one night stand heading to the climax.

— Vikram (hero) and Piyu’s struggle to make that ‘one thing’ happen continues in the second half.

— The one night stand attempts fail despite several attempts. Interval.

— Nothing happening story wise other than the forced and tiring comedy!

— Piyu (Heroine) is looking for a one night stand to make her Ex jealous. She meets Vicky (Hero Vikram) in a bar.

— Virgin Story started with a breakup scene and song. Piyu (Heroine) is deeply saddened.

Virgin Story Telugu Movie (2022) Review, updates, U.S. Premiere report.

Movie Name: Virgin Story
Banner Name: Ramalakshmi Cine Creations
Present By: Gaurav Lagadapati
Produced By: Sirisha Lagadapati & Sridhar Lagadapati
Written & Director: Pradip B. Atluri
Music: Achu Rajamani
Cinematography: Anish Tharun Kumar
Editor: Garry BH
Choreographer: Vijay Prakash Master