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Sincere but Boring


2h 31m, ‘U/A’ Certified.

Rana-Daggubati-Virata-Parvam-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Vennela (Sai Pallavi) is a stubborn girl who goes to any extent to get what she wants. She falls in love with a Naxal leader Aranya/Ravanna (Rana Daggubati) after reading some revolutionary literature penned by him. She deserts her house and sets on a difficult journey of finding Ravanna. Rest is all about how she gets to meet Ravanna and what happens to her love at the end.

Sai Pallavi and Rana Daggubati are the show-stealers of Virata Parvamespecially since the former has delivered a career-best performance. There are two shades in her character. The first one is that of a stubborn girl who goes to any length to get what she wants and the second one is an emotional side.

The first part forms the major portion of the film. Sai Pallavi pulled it off with ease but there are some loose ends left by the director at this juncture. If they are not present, the performance would have been further elevated. The actress rocked in the emotional scenes that come towards the Pre-climax and climax of the film. She breathes life into the sequences and even maybe the film with her performance here.

Sai-Pallavi-Virata-Parvam-ReviewRana Daggubati is always a good performer. His character is relatively small. For the most part of the film, he stands serious like a rock i.e., exactly what is expected from the character and brings so much of believability to the Naxal role. In the final portions, we see him balancing both. We see a rebel in an emotional dilemma. The challenge here is two show the shades of both and he pulls it off very well.

Priyamani and Naveen Chandra play Naxals in Rana’s camp. They get limited roles and do what is expected of them. Nandita Das as a teacher has been decent. Sai Chand and Eshwari Rao are neat as parents. Rahul Ramakrishna shines in one sequence of a small role. Nivetha Pethuraj is okay in a cameo. The rest of the characters are okay.

Venu Udugula picks a love story against the backdrop of Naxal movement as the plot of his Virata Parvam. First things first, the title has been set aptly forming the crux of the story. Coming to the story, there is the Naxal movement and there is a love story. Both the tracks move intervened.

Naxal movement is on a decline in the current society and the ideology is almost forgotten. It is important for the director to clearly establish why a girl is so madly in love with a Naxal just by reading his books. Even though it is a period film, we need that to keep the audience engaged. But Venu Udugula failed here.

The first half of the film is mostly about Vennela falling in love and going in search of Ravanna. The search is almost endless and the reason for the mad love is pointless. These portions are further excruciatingly long. As a result, we feel the first half is boring. Things get slightly better just before the interval.

The second half again picks off slowly. Vennela takes a radical decision for Ravanna. These portions are not convincing again. Suddenly, she is shown liking for the Naxal ideology and everything happens in a jiffy. The audience is already exhausted at this point. The director makes a comeback right at the movement.

We will have three solid emotional blocks until the climax which works. All three scenes are predictable but still the performances and the background score works. The scenes work as a result and send the audience out of the auditorium with a bit of positive feeling. But the problem is that audience is already exhausted and bored by the time these blocks come.

Virata Parvam has its moments of glory but they come a little too late. Watch the film for some good performances and some emotional blocks but be prepared with patience. If you do not have that, wait for the OTT release.

Music-Director-Suresh-BobbiliMusic and Other Departments?
Venu Udugula, the writer has done some extensive research on the Naxal movement and the life of Sarala. However, the real incident has been toned down a bit. Probably, he is not sure if the Telugu audience is ready for such hard-hitting content. And there can be some issues as well from unexpected quarters.

He did not try to dramatize the dialogues and they are honest about the subject and those times. Suresh Bobbili’s songs are fine and the background score is the heart of Virata Parvam. The BGM elevates the proceedings big time. The cinematography and the production design are perfect. The producers should be commended for risking a film with a subject like this. There are runtime issues that should have been addressed in the first half.

Sai Pallavi
Rana Daggubati
Suresh Bobbili’s Background Score
Emotional Blocks in the Second half

Lack of connection to the Naxal ideology
Poor clarity in Vennela’s Love Story
Too much lag in the first half.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?
Yes but with Reservations

Virata Parvam Movie Review by Mirchi9

Final Report:

Virata Parvam is an honest effort and it must be appreciated. However, it is primarily a love story that lacks soul. The Naxal background is fine, but it feels like aimlessly wandering all over the place before reaching a touching end.

— Virata Parvam is now heading to the climax.

— Virata Parvam second half started. It’s time Vennela transforms herself to Comrade Vennela.

First Half Report:

First half of Virata Parvam is all about Vennela’s love Story and how she meets Ravanna. So-far, the Naxal backdrop and the proceedings have ‘already seen’ vibe.

— Finally, Vennela meets Ravanna. Interval.

— Vennela is still struggling to find a way to meet Ravanna.

— Vennela leaves home for Aranya aka Ravanna. She is deeply in love with him. But, they both haven’t spoken to each other yet.

— Vennela is inspired by Aranya’s ( Rana ) Maoist poetry. She is already in love with him.

— The show takes off with the story of Vennela ( Sai Pallavi ).

— Virata Parvam show started, digital with Netflix.

Virata Parvam U.S. Premiere updates will begin shortly. Stay tuned.

Cast – #RanaDaggubati, #SaiPallavi, Priyamani, Nivetha Pethuraj, Nandita Das, Naveen Chandra

Writer & Director: Venu Udugula
Producer: Sudhakar Cherukuri
Banner: Suresh Productions, SLV Cinemas
Presented by Suresh Babu
DOP: Dani Salo, Divakar Mani
Editor: Sreekar Prasad
Production designer: Sri Nagendra
Music: Suresh Bobbili
Stunts: Peter Hein, Stefan Richter
Choreography: Raju Sundaram & Prem Rakshith
Trailer Cut : Ravi

Virata Parvam  Movie Review by Mirchi9