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Needless Sequel


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DhanushWhat is the film about?
At the end of Raghuvaran BTech, Raghuvaran (Dhanush) has a happy ending with a desirable job, a lovely wife, and an accepting family. VIP2 is a follow up with a new challenge in life.

How is Dhanush’s performance?
VIP2 is one of those films where Dhanush looks like he is sleep walking through his role. There is no challenge in it, and it also doesn’t appear to be fun as everything is mostly a repeat of the first part. The challenges and walk with attitude, everything comes across as repetitive with no freshness. There are few scenes with Kajol where he appears to be having fun, but that’s it.

Soundarya-RajinikanthDirection By Soundarya Rajinikanth?
It is the second film from Soundarya Rajinikanth. The first brush at direction was the animation movie Kochadaiyaan starring Rajinikanth; VIP2 is her first attempt and regular commercial cinema, at it is certainly weak. The emotions don’t connect due to forced and caricature like characters.

The hero and heroine track which was among the best parts of Raghuvaran BTech is turned into a nagging wife and tortured husband cliché. The part used as comedy filler is so irritating despite few entertaining moments here and there. Things become worst when few of those moments are unnecessarily connected to the first part evoking the mother sentiment. In fact, there are jokes about milking that aspect as well.

But the real sad part of the sequel is the problem that hero faces. There is no challenge to him. The Vasundhara Constructions chairman as opposing force is weak. She is portrayed in such an authoritative manner that she keeps winning all the time. A deadlock develops at the end, and it gets resolved in a very very unconvincing manner.

Overall, if ever a list was created for the needless sequel to a film, VIP 2 will be among the top 3 for sure. It is a pointless and boringly made film which was definitely not required.

 AmalaPaulAmala Paul and others?
Amala Paul is turned into a running joke in the sequel from the simple girl next door and lovable girl. She irritates with her act. Maybe it can be seen as a mark of success as that character is supposed to annoy. Or maybe it is her acting? We chose the latter. Kajol is given a big build up and strong character. There seems to be pressure to let her remain powerful until the end. She is good in her part, but her characterization brings down the whole film. Vivek is alright. Samuthirakani is another character that turns into a running gag. Ritu Varma is wasted. The rest are okay.

music-directorMusic and other departments?
The music by Sean Roldan is no match to the Raghuvaran BTech. The fact that the key background score from first part had to be reused should suggest the kind of impact they had. The cinematography is alright. Editing could have been better. Dialogues by Dhanush are fun in parts.

Some entertainment

Weak opposition
Weak characterization for supporting actors
Second half

Alternative Take
A better way to showcase one-upmanship of Raghuvaran would have made the sequel better than what it is currently.

Did I enjoy it?
Very few parts.

Will you recommend it?

VIP 2 Review by Siddartha Toleti

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