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Silly Concept



U/A, 2h 18m

What Is the Film About?

Vishnu (Kiran Abbavaram) is taught from childhood that helping neighbours would make the world a better place and bring peace to oneself. So, he is always there for anyone who asks for help.

Meanwhile, Darshana (Kashmira) wants to become a famous Youtuber and comes up with the idea of a neighbour number. She requests Vishu’s help with the same.  How do they fall in love, and the problem she faces? How a terrorist act involving a bomb blast linked to all these is the movie’s overall story.


Kiran Abbavaram is his usual self playing the ordinary boy next door with simple pleasures and happiness. His casual nature suits the role, and he goes about his work calmly. There is no problem while he is in that zone.

However, when it comes to mass action and elevation, Kiran Abbavaram still needs screen presence even though he ticks all the boxes concerning the whole mass act. Luckily, they are less and also come with undercurrent humour.

Kashmira plays a bubbly girl next door role trying to make a mark. She, too, fits the part which doesn’t require the big glamour appeal. But, more importantly, she pairs well with the lead, and that’s a job done.


Murali Kishor Abburu directs Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha. It is a regular commercial entertainer that’s a cocktail of various genres like love, drama, comedy, thrill and patriotism.

Given the meta-narrative, there is a dialogue at the very beginning by the lead while commencing the story. He says it is a mix of romance, drama, comedy and thriller. One can hear the same in the trailer too. Well, it is what we get in the movie.

Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha starts with a heavy drama involving a backstory to the lead. A  terrorism-related plot follows next, and in that, romance and thriller elements are loaded. It is a heady cocktail, and for it to work, the screenplay and razor-sharp execution are a must.

Unfortunately, the director fails to provide a cohesive narrative. The narrative works in parts, with some comedy here and there, a twist or two coming at the right time. However, what happens in between or the build-up to those moments is weak. The comedy is silly, and the twists are illogical.

A lot of entertainment or engagement with the narrative depends on the hero’s characterisation. It feels like Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’s Relangi Mavayya’s origin story. What would he be like if he were in his youth? Vishnu always has a smile and advocates helping everyone. Now, if that sits well with someone, there is a little fun to be had, irrespective of the silliness.

The interval is sure to raise one’s curiosity about what lies ahead. But, the high expectations are not met when things resume.

The second half is all about revealing the various cards. They are as illogical as one could imagine. Still, if one were to leave out the fact or not mind it, there is some unexpected stuff happening. They are far-fetched but gel with the established over-the-top and uneven narrative.  It holds true for the climax, also.

Overall, Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha is the entertainment variety of ‘Senseless Mass’. It is senseless fun and utterly illogical from the start to the end. If that is what you would like to see this weekend, give it a try.

Performances by Others Actors

Apart from the lead pair, we have Murali Sharma playing a vital supporting part almost akin to the movie’s lead in the first half. The actor goes overboard a lot of times but also manages to bring a few chuckles. A  few small-time noted faces further do their bits-and-pieces roles clinically.

Music and Other Departments?

Chaitan Bharadwaj, the man behind RX100, and Kiran Abbavaram’s SR Kalyanamandapam provides the music. The songs aren’t memorable like those flicks, but they serve the purpose. The background score is loud.

Daniel Viswas’s cinematography is okay. The production values are acceptable even though the whole thing is set in limited locations. Marthank K Venkatesh’s editing is decent. The flow is inconsistent, much like the tone. Writing has its moments if one lowers expectations.


Some Entertainment

A Couple Of Twists


Uneven Narrative

Silly And Illogical Story

Did I Enjoy It?

Very but few parts

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, But With Huge Reservations

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