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From The 80’s Served In 2018


‘UA’ CertifiedFrom The 80’s Served In 2018
2 hrs 05 mins

Vijetha Review, Vijetha Movie Review RatingsWhat is the film Vijetha about?
The hero is an aimless youth with no real goal or ambition. Despite numerous attempts by his father to set him right, he fails. One day he stumbles upon an excellent idea for a business, but it ends in a disaster leaving father and son relationship broken. How the son can win back the father’s love and gets heroine along the way is what the movie is all about?

How is Kalyaan Dhev’s performance?
Kalyaan Dhev has no screen presence as a hero. It indirectly helps in the role though as it’s that of a boy next door. The dialogue delivery is fine, but it reminds us of a certain Manchu Vishnu. Unfortunately, that’s the only positive that can be said about Kalyaan Dhev. The actual content of the film helps a lot in covering his flaws, but one can still see through that during the crucial moments where Kalyaan appears blank without emotions.

Vijetha Review, Vijetha Movie Review RatingsDirection By Rakesh Sashii?
Director Rakesh Sahshii has picked a subject that is simultaneously very outdated and also always relevant. Many films get made on those lines; it’s the treatment that decides how they finally end up. With Vijetha, it can be confidently said that it has been made in a very old-fashioned tacky way.

The problem is not what is shown rather how it is displayed. Some scenes show various contemporary connecting issues and backdrops, but the way they are executed takes us back to the Supergood Movies era. Or maybe even before that time. It is still passable in the first half as the scenes are short and quickly wrapped. The second half takes this old melodramatic kitsch to higher levels.

There are a series of blocks, that includes past and present, that are purposefully intended tearjerkers. The sad part is the audience knows exactly how everything is going to play out. It makes the proceedings come across as dragging. And the drag feels endless in the second half.

Overall, predictable and overdone melodrama where the lead has no charisma whatsoever is hard to sit through. It’s well shot and made but is ultimately dull.

Vijetha Review, Vijetha Movie Review RatingsMalavika Nair and others?
Malavika Nair has very little to do apart from being part of the family, in the movie. The introduction is excellent along with the scenes that follow it. However, from pre-interval portions, she feels irrelevant to the proceedings. It is Murali Sharma who is the real highlight of the movie performance wise. He breathes life into the proceedings with his act. If not for him, many would have probably left mid-way. In an author-backed role, he overshines everyone.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are a bunch of known actors. Tanikella Bharani stands out among them. Nassar is decent in a supporting role. Jayaprakash, Rajeev Kanakala and Satyam Rajesh feel wasted.

Vijetha Review, Vijetha Movie Review RatingsMusic and other departments?
Music by Harshavardhan Rameshwar is decent. Two songs in the first half stand out. The cinematography by KK Senthil Kumar is first-rate. Editing should have been better. The writer has done a decent job especially with the lines written for the father character.

Vijetha Review, Vijetha Movie Review RatingsHighlights?
Murali Sharma
Short Length

Outdated Story
Second Half

Tej I Love You Review, Tej I Love You Movie Review, RatingsAlternative Take
The story required an updated presentation something on the lines of Raghuvaran Btech. The attempt is there but only in parts.

Did I enjoy it?
In parts

Will you recommend it?
With huge reservations

Vijetha Review by Siddartha Toleti


Final Report:

Vijetha comes with a noble intention to remind family values but the story lacks freshness and it is utterly predictable. Visit back for detailed review shortly.

– Ram helps his family and makes his father win by fulfilling his dream.

– Ram (Kalyaan Dev) gets his first success through his ‘Local Boyz’ surprise event planner idea.

– Vijetha second half started. A minor incident brings change to Ram’s behavior. Now, he started thinking about his father and family.

– First Half Report:

Vijetha first half has nothing we haven’t seen. So far, it’s a typical father and son story involving a love track with weak comedy. Kalyaan Dev as a hero is alright.

– Ram (Kalyaan Dev) falls in love with Malavika Nair.

– Kalyaan Dhev’s dubbing modulation has some similarities to Vishnu Manchu’s style.

– Ram (Kalyaan Dhev) is a happy go reckless guy trying for a job. Ram’s father (Murli Sharma) tries to give him everything he can though he is middle class.

– Vijetha show started with father and son bonding.

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Preview: Vijetha

With the iconic title ‘Vijetha‘ borrowed from his illustrious father-in-law, megastar Chiranjeevi and the script okayed by the megastar, Kalyaan Dhev has scored good marks for the decent looks in his debut movie. So, the beginning was good for the debutante.

It’s time to see if he looks okay on the big screen, even and also delivers a promising performance. His screen presence in ‘Vijetha’ and his acting skills would speak in his favour and will decide his cine-career in the coming days.

The trailer of the movie was okay and though a routine subject, it seemed to be presented in a fresh manner. The promos for the movie gave the vibe that Chiranjeevi strategically selected a middle-class subject which is good for a new-comer like Kayaan Dhev.

It’s time to see if megafans will own Chiranjeevi’s son-in-law as the eleventh actor from the mega family and give the movie a decent opening. A lot would depend on the word of mouth which is very crucial for the movie. Let’s see if Kalyaan Dhev lives up to the promise he had shown in the promos.

Stay tuned folks for the genuine ‘Vijetha’ review from our team.

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