Vijaya Raghavan Movie Review


A Lengthy And Tiring Political Drama



2h 32m, Action, Drama – UA

What Is the Film About?

Raghava’s (Vijay Anthony) mother has only one dream: to see his son become an IAS officer. She was previously a Panchayati President but couldn’t fulfil the dream of serving her village and people due to the goons force. She thinks an IAS officer is more powerful than them and could do things right.

A studious guy, Raghava is well on his way to complete the dream of her month. Unfortunately, an unexpected development happens due to his previous actions? What is that incident? How did it change Raghava’s life, and did he fulfil his mother’s wish, forms the movie’s primary storyline.


Vijay Anthony is the same in every film. It is no different in Vijay Raghavan. By now, the stories featuring him have become templates of their own. We know certain checkboxes will be ticked, and they are all done here as well.

So, we have Vijay Anthony playing a calm going guy initially. He then gets angry and fights the villain with all elevations in place. While all these happen, there is a romantic angle and, above all, an undercurrent sentiment. And did we forget a mass dance moment in between? Vijay Anthony covers these whole gamuts of emotions with a single-minded focus and determination like he always has in Vijay Raghavan. If the content is interesting, things turn out well for him; otherwise, he moves on to his next.


Ananda Krishnan is the director of the movie. He also provides the story and the screenplay for Vijaya Raghavan. The content is tailor-made for a fantasy political drama. But, it is not realised the way it should.

The opening block of the film is a lengthy set-up to the take-off. The core political setting (and the problematic issues) and the mother sentiment is established well even though nothing new is seen.

The rest of the first half deals with the protagonist Raghava making his mark in the Government Colony, a slum dwelling housing society. The residents are mostly school going kids and adults, and women. Raghava, as a master, registers among them for his sincerity and determination to bring a change. All this while, his goal is something different.

The fights and drama are neatly incorporated into the narrative without things getting repetitive or boring. The action is well done, even if it’s less than anticipated.

The love track could have been handled well, but it has no real bearing on the actual plot. The narrative takes a predictable turn around the interval mark, but it signals exciting prospects for the second half.

The beginning of the second half is impressive, but it soon gets messy. Many sequences feel repetitive, but they keep on coming without any respite. There is a good connection to the mother’s opening segment, but the impact is lost due to the meandering and boring narrative.

What still keeps one motivated to go through the proceedings is the mother sentiment. It could have been way better executed, but it is still the only thing going it’s way.

The final half an hour is rushed to reach the end that ties to the mother sentiment. The final arc on paper is fine, but the way the whole thing is executed leaves a lot to be desired. The jumps are far too unbelievable to take things seriously.

The climax is right on the emotional value, but it is way too convenient and obvious at that point. The same ending with a better worked second half preceding it would have worked wonders for Vijay Raghava.

On the whole, Vijay Raghavan has a solid premise for a political drama. But, it flounders the opportunity with a tiring, lengthy and messy narrative that tests patience at every turn. Give it a try if you like fantasy political dramas; otherwise, stay far away.


Aathmika playing the female lead in the movie, has a forgettable role. She has a few scenes in the first half and goes missing for the most part in the second. The actress playing the mother has a crucial part than her.

Kalakeya Prabhakar has a short but decent role in the movie. Ramachandra Raju known for his Baahubali villain role, gets an okay part. Among the many artists, he stands out, which also highlights his screen presence. However, there is nothing much for him to do as a performer. The rest of the cast, which is an exhausting one, has done well.

Music and Other Departments?

Nivas K Prasanna’s music is lost in translation. None of the songs has any impact. The background score by Harish Arjun is nice. The cinematography by NS Udhaya Kumar is adequate. The editing is where Vijay Raghavan loses a lot. The movie requires more trimming. The way it is, it is half an hour too long for everyone’s comfort.




Undercurrent Emotional Angle




Too many characters

Part of Second Half

Alternative Take

Cutting away the flab, adding relevant sequences leading to the climax, and spacing it out properly would have made for a better alternative film.

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes, In Parts

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, But With Huge Reservation

Vijaya Raghavan Telugu Movie Review by Siddartha Toleti