Police-Policodu--Review-HigBOTTOM LINE
Neat but too long.


‘U’ Certified, 159 mins.

Vijay-Theri- Police-Policodu- ReviewWhat is the film about?
Vijay is a cop with attitude who rubs the wrong side of a politician. What happens to his family and how the problem is solved is what is the film all about.

How is Vijay’s performance?
Vijay is in his elements completely as he gets a director in the form of Atlee who understands his strengths. His screen presence and star quality is neatly used and this is what drives the film. Police is one of the better star turns for Vijay. Also in couple of emotional scenes Vijay is superb expressing the anguish.

-Theri- Police-Policodu- ReviewDirection By Atlee?
Atlee made a fabulous debut with the film Raja Rani and he continues to impress in his second outing as well. Although Police is not as strong as his debut in terms of story, Atlee manages to narrate the predictable story in an engaging way. Where he succeed mostly has been using the fan elements and quirks of star to the fullest. Whenever there is a drag he inserts those mannerisms to end the boredom. Still he could have cut short the love track in first half and the mega lengthy pre climax and climax. The length of the film and it’s predictability makes it an average fare in the end.

-Theri- Police-Policodu- ReviewSamantha, Amy Jackson and others?
Samantha is given a predictable role but she still manages to leave impression. In the few scenes that matter she was really good. Amy Jackson has a small part and she is adequate. Director Mahendran making his debut as villain is fine. So is Baby Nainika making in her debut. Radhika is good as doting mother. Among the rest of cast Rajendran shines the most.

-Theri- Police-Policodu- ReviewMusic and other departments?
Songs by GV Prakash are poor but he compensates it by giving excellent background score. Technically the film is slick with rich cinematography and production values. Choreography of songs is alright. Dialogues could have been better.

-Theri- Police-Policodu- ReviewHighlights?
Technical finesse
Pre interval and interval

Drags a lot
Predictable story

-Theri- Police-Policodu- ReviewAlternative Take
Cut short the lengthy love track and increase the part of cop act that is outside police jurisdiction.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes in parts.

Will you recommend it?
With reservations

Police Review by Siddhartha