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Venky-Mama-Telugu-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
The story of Venky Mama is simple and straightforward one punctuated by an ‘astrology’ twist. The less said about it, the better as that would be akin to revealing everything the film has to offer story-wise. Read below, if you still want to know about it, but be warned about the spoilers.

Rama Narayana (Nassar) is a respected head in the village, who also is a great astrologer. He believes in destiny. According to him, his grandson Karthik (Naga Chaitanya), will bring death to their parents within one year. With no parents, Uncle Ratnam takes care of Karthik from childhood as a father. However, all of a sudden Karthik leaves Venkat Ratnam? Why did he leave? What does Rama Narayana fear is what the movie is all about?

Venkatesh is presented terrifically, and he continues his magnificent form from the previous outing here as well. The director makes use of the senior star’s all-round package (ability) from comedy, action to drama. It is what one calls ‘fan-stuff’. Venky has done all that before, but he manages to impress nonetheless, as usual.

The problem here in Venky Mama is that, when the focus is at such a level on Venkatesh, the other star is relegated to the supporting part. Naga Chaitanya has revealed this in a few interviews that he is playing a ‘supporting-role’ to Venkatesh. It appears modest, but its also the truth.

Yes, there is visible chemistry between the ‘Mama-Alludu’. It is not out of the world, but it is still there. It is mostly seen in the first half. The very routine scenes work out due to them. The entertainment lies in their pair instead of their pairings respectively with the heroines.

Venky-Mama-Telugu-Movie-ReviewDirection by Bobby?
In his fourth outing, director Bobby is back to his debut movie flourish. He makes the utterly routine story palpable in no small extent with his making and fast-paced screenplay.

The first half of Venky Mama is what we call a typical commercial entertainer. It is highly routine, but somehow the stars make it work with their unique mannerism and brand of entertainment. Here, we have a double in the form of Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya to take care of that aspect.

It is a one-man show by Venkatesh, to be frank. However, one doesn’t feel bad for Naga Chaitanya. We never think that he is getting short-changed. It is just the way it is, and Chaitanya also gives the impression that he doesn’t mind it one bit. He tugs along with Venky having all the fun.

After a passable first half, the only expectation about the second half is to let it be at the same level, even if it can’t get better. Admittedly, it is a low bar, but the director Bobby still falters.

The second half of Venky Mama gets derailed the moment the narrative jumps to Kashmir. There is a visible jarring effect with the proceedings. Yes, we must not look for logic in commercial entertainers, but even on that score, what happens is too much to process. They go way beyond the permissible levels of illogicalness.

Once the forced and contrived emotions take over, all the effect of the ‘passable’ first half too seems to wean out slowly. It is a ripple effect of sorts. The good news in the second half is the big mass number and the incredibly short length. The whole thing is over in a jiffy. Before we realise that it is a train wreck, it is over.

Overall, Venky Mama could have been a decent watch for the first half and the ‘Mama-Alludu’ pair, despite its routine content. But, the second half plays spoilsports. You will watch it if you are a fan; otherwise, there is very less in it to recommend a compulsive viewing, in cinemas.

Venky-Mama-Telugu-Movie-ReviewRaashi Khanna, Payal Rajput and Others?
Raashi Khanna and Payal Rajput are the two heroines. Usually, when we have a single star, the scope for heroines reduces. Here we have two. We leave it to the imagination the kind of impact they will be able to create. On a positive note, both get equal footings and are presented glamorously. Additionally, there is no vulgarity.

Nassar, Rao Ramesh and Prakash Raj play the critical supporting parts. The former two appear in the first half, whereas the last one gets a crucial role in the second. They are all seniors and justify their presence in different characters given to them. The rest have much smaller screen-time and are alright at best.

Music-Director-ThamanMusic and Other Departments?
The man of the moment, S Thaman has provided the music for the film. As we have mentioned previously listening to the singles, they are average, but the impact could change based on the visuals on screen. It is exactly what we get. The background score is alright. The cinematography gives the movie a colourful look. The editing is proper, overall, but it could have been a bit tighter in parts. The writing is on predictable lines.

Venky Mama Movie ReviewHighlights?
Entertainment (even if routine)
Mama-Alludu Chemistry

Routine Story
Predictable Narration
Illogical Second Half

Venky Mama Movie ReviewAlternative Take

Instead of the army backdrop and Kashmir, a better integration of the story to the second half keeping the local sensibility intact would have worked out well.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, in parts

Will You Recommend It?
Yes, but with huge reservations

Venky Mama Review by KK


Final Report:

The ‘routine-but-fun’ first half feels much better of the two halves in comparison. The entire Kashmir block in second half feels jarring. Venky Mama is on track as long as it’s in the local setup. Watch out for our detailed and honest review, later.

– Venky Mama show ends on a fun note. Final report shortly.

– The much publicized Army action episode of Naga Chaitanya is very long and it’s alright.

– Reason for Chay leaving his Mama and the reason for joining Army is revealed. Story is back to Kashmir cantonment base.

– Venky Mama second half started. It’s time for Mama-Alludu song ‘Coca-Cola Pepsi ee mama Allu idi sexy’. The song song has some nice choreography and the glamour show by Payal and Rashi makes it more colorful.

First Half Report:

The first half of Venky Mama is entirely a one-man show by Victory Venkatesh. There is nothing new story-wise, but it doesn’t veer into a negative zone at the same time. The first half is passable with ‘regular’ entertainment stuff throughout. A lot depends on the second half now.

– A small twist on how astrology can change the life of Venky and the connection to Chay revealed by Nasaar. Interval.

– Karthik (Chay) goes missing. He joins the Army without informing his mama. Venky goes to cantonment to find his nephew. The story shifts to the village flashback.

– Politician Rao Ramesh wants to construct a Beer factory by removing the school. Venkata Ratnam (Venky) disturbs his plans. Meanwhile, Chay has a failed love flashback with his daughter Harika (Rashi).

– Venky dedicates his life for his nephew without getting married. Now, Chay started looking for a girl for his mama. Payal enters the village as a Hindi teacher.

– Venky Mama story started in 1993. Venky’s father Nassar is a renowned astrologer in the area. Nasaar’s daughter marries her lover against the astrology and dies in an accident. Venky takes care of his nephew Karthik (Naga Chaitanya) since his childhood.

Preview: Venky Mama

There are only a few movies that come with total positivity before the release and one of those feel-good movies is definitely ‘Venky Mama‘. Both Venkatesh and his nephew Chaitanya are in good form and their combination is what has been making this movie the most awaited movie.

Venkatesh is definitely the crowd-pulling factor for the film and the promos made sure that that factor lures the audiences to the theatre. Director Bobby revealed that Venkatesh made sure that Chay’s character came out very nicely.

We believe him as Chay was good in the teaser and the trailer. This is going to be a very special film for Chay in many aspects. Going by what we have seen in the promos, there might be some different variations with regard to his performance.

Director Bobby has got a golden opportunity that he turned out to be the first filmmaker who could bring Venkatesh and Chay together convincing with a story that they both liked and Suresh Babu approved the story for an important film like this.

Coming to the music, for a film like this, the background score is expected to be special and SS Thaman already gave a decent album if not an exceptional one.

Coming from a reputed production house, with crazy competition and all the good buzz, it’s time to know if ‘Venky Mama’ indeed has that potential to be that special movie for Akkineni and Daggubati fans.

Keep watching this space for mirchi9 team’s Venky Mama’ review. Check back again, this space.