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Venkatapuram Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Decent In Parts Thriller


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 09 mins.

RaahulWhat is the film Venkatapuram about?
Anand (Raahul) is a pizza delivery guy living his life happily when Chaitra (Mahima Makhwana) enters her life. There is a problem she is dealing with and needs Anand’s help. What is the problem and what happens in Venkatapuram, a police station? The answers to those questions is what the movie is all about?

How is Raahul’s performance?
The best way to describe Raahul’s performance in the movie is unobjectionable. The actor tries hard to put in an act that is real and identifiable but right from the first frame the ‘act’ is visible. We can see through the acting and that’s not a good sign. In action scenes, he is fine due to his frame.

Venu MadikantiDirection By Venu Madikanti?
Venu provides story and screenplay for the film apart from directing it. If we dissect the three individually, Venu is good with story and better with screenplay but direction is clearly the weakest of them all.

Call it the fault of the actor’s on screen but they all either overact or are out of sync with what the movie aims to achieve. Kasi Vishwanath can be cited as an easier example to understand that. The actor is given the right scenes but he fails to do what is necessary for it to make an impact. He doesn’t stick out just like the rest because they are operating at a rhythm that is out of sync with the realistic material at hand. The fake acting gets spotted instantly.

However, since the screenplay is interesting, one doesn’t mind all that and is simply interested to know the ‘why’ of the story. The ending is good in that aspect but logic gets thrown out of the window in the process. Overall, Venkatapuram is a passable crime drama.

Mahima MakwanaMahima Makwana and others?
Mahima Makhwana has got a decent role. However she proves to be inadequate in few scenes which lessens the overall impact. Ajay comes only during the final half an hour and is alright. The rest of the cast which includes the police gang of Venkatapuram and criminal batch in the beach, are perfect for their parts. They all act in ways that we have seen numerous times in gritty and realistic Hindi and Tamil films.

Achu RajamaniMusic and other departments?
Music and background score by Achu is good. The cinematography is mixed bag with few good captures. The editing is fine. Dialogues are neatly written ringing true to the subject.


Missing logic

Ajay GhoshAlternative Take
The basic motive for all the happenings could be something fresh and not the same, horrible but repetitive issue.

Did I enjoy it?
Few parts

Will you recommend it?
To those who enjoy thrillers even if it’s okay.

Venkatapuram Review by Siddartha Toleti

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