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‘U’ Certified

VishwaksenWhat Is the Film About?
Vellipomakey is a take on complicated relationships between few individuals. It is simple on the surface, but the impact it has on each person is huge.

How Is Dinesh Naidu’s Performance?
Dinesh is alright for the chosen role concerning the look. The problem is his act annoys us to no end. He fails on that aspect big time. There are many scenes where better acting could have elevated the proceedings, but that doesn’t happen. The dialogue delivery is terrible.

Director Yakub Ali MohammadDirection by Yakub Ali Mohammad?
Ali has taken a simple tale and tried to narrate it in as realistic way as possible. He has done a good job as far as narration goes, but the making is at short film level. One has to remember that even niche films can be made high, technically. After all, they are for the big screen viewing.

Due to the weak technical aspects, the overall impact is missing. There is a bittersweet ending and had it been done in the right manner, Vellipomakey would have been a small gem of a movie regarding exploring simple yet complicated emotions.

The first half of the film is alright. There is an air of predictability throughout. However, the believability aspect masks it. The second half takes the predictable route, once again, and the slow pace gets very irritating. However, by the time we reach the end, there is a sense of satisfaction. It is because we get to see something unexpected when everything was pointing towards another end. Overall, Vellipomakey is a below par movie in the minimal niche film category.

Nithyasri - SwethaSupraja, Nithyasri and Others?
There are multiple female actresses in the movie, but Nithyasree Reddy and Supriya do the important roles. There is nothing special, but they do the required job. The rest of the cast comprising of new actors are fine for the parts chosen but by many lacks the acting skill and appear as fillers.

Muic Director Prashanth R VihariMusic and Other Departments?
Music is good, but it gets predictable after a point. All the songs sound the same. The background score could have been efficiently used. The cinematography is okay. Editing should have been better. Dialogues are par for the course.

Pre climax
Overall set up
Realistic approach

Very slow narration

NithyasriAlternative Take
The making should have been in a technically slick manner with a more dramatic punch. It means to get better actors for starters.

Did I Enjoy It?
Very few parts

Will You Recommend It?
Not on big screen

Vellipomakey Review by Siddartha