vangaveti-movie-reviewBOTTOM LINE
Nothing But Murders




sandeep-as-vangaveeti-radha-vangaveeti-rangaWhat is the film Vangaveeti about?
The blood filled history of Vijayawada’s political field. Radha grows in reputation under Venkat Ratnam. It doesn’t go down well with Ratnam’s men and they create enmity between them. Radha kills Ratnam and becomes the new leader. Once he is killed Ranga takes his place. What happens in between with the arrival of Gandhi and Nehru and finally end of Ranga is what the Vangaveeti is all about.

How is Sandeep’s (Ranga) performance?
Sandeep is strikingly similar to the real person and this helps a great deal in connecting with him. Apart from that visual similarity, there is no real performance noteworthy. He mimics the mannerism but the epic registers are missing.

ram-gopal-varmaDirection By Ram Gopal Varma?
The master story teller RGV narrates the film masterfully without any doubt. He has taken care in neatly explaining what he is making. To any novice who has no clue about the past history of Vijayawada, even they will easily understand the proceedings. So, is the film that good and is it what the director promised? Unfortunately, the answer to this would be a resounding no.

The problem is not how he has narrated, the problem is what he has narrated. There is no story, the screenplay is extremely predictable. Yes, it is a biopic and everything is know. But that is the challenge of making a biopic, to make the known plot in a way that is emotionally fulfilling and satisfying storytelling. We have to just look at the other release, Dangal that released today, it is also a biopic but the drama and engagement are well maintained.

Vangaveeti is simply five murders narrated in chronological order with known connecting scenes in between. To give credit where it’s due, the murders have been shot well. But there is nothing else happening.

naina-ganguly-as-vangaveeti-ratna-kumariOther artists performance?
The artists in the film are very well selected resembling the real personalities. Gandhi, Nehru, Murali, and glimpses of Sr NTR, whoever has been selected looks the part. But when it comes to acting they all lack depth or presence on screen. They only convey the emotions on the surface without any engaging quality.

music-directorMusic and other departments?
Musically the film is poor but lyrically there are some hard hitting lines that stay with viewers. Background score is Infinitely better. The cinematography is good keeping in mind the cameras used. Editing is very smooth. Dialogues by lead characters are terrible. The voice-over dialogues by Ram Gopal Varna are far better. It is his dialogues that provide entertainment.

RGV voice over
Death scenes

Lack of engaging narrative
Nothing new revealed

vamsi-chaganti-as-devineni-muraliAlternative Take
A more in depth focus on story would have been far better rather than this murder documentary with voice over by RGV.

Did I enjoy it?
In parts

Will you recommend it?

With reservation that too if one doesn’t mind blood and gore.

Vangaveeti Movie Review by Siddhartha Toleti