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Bad Choice for Nani’s 25th



What Is the Film About?

A very honest and firing cop, ACP Aditya (Sudheer Babu) is challenged by an unidentified Killer, Vishnu (Nani) with the brutal murder of a Police officer. Aditya takes the case as a Prestigious issue and tries in vain to avert a series of murders. The rest is all about the motive of the murders and what happens at the end in this Cop and Bad Guy story.

How Is Nani’s Performance?

V is Nani’s Landmark 25th film. He may have chosen to take a different route for the landmark film with a negative shade character. But then, you do not get something which is really exciting. Having said that Nani does a decent job but fails to cross the line of leaving the audience in awe!

Direction by Indraganti?

Indraganti has chosen a subject that is not his forte. Probably the fact that it is Nani’s 25th film prompted him to try something different. However, the good things about it end with the intent. The story he chose for the thriller is very routine and predictable.

Throughout the film, we get a feeling that he tried to repackage a very known story with lavish production values. There are instances where we get to even enjoy such attempts but Indraganti failed even in the repackaging work. Thrillers often need to have a wow factor. When we cast a hero in the role of a villain, the motive should be equally strong. But then, the motive here is the lamest.

Even though there is a promising cast, even that is not used. The first half gives us an uncomfortable feeling but there is a bit of hope for better things to come in the second. But what happens there is even forgettable. As we delve into the story, the proceedings get pale and the characters become weak. The climax is even disappointing which completes the mayhem. When we get the feeling in OTT watch, one should say Dil Raju is lucky to miss the theatrical window.

Sudheer Babu and Others?

V Story starts with Sudheer Babu’s introduction. The buildup he got is something unexpected. The Six-Packs Abs right in the first scene is surprising. Even though he does a fine job, at no point of time, his character gave him the scope. The character further pales as we near the end.

Nivetha Thomas is known for the selection of good characters. But this time, her character in the film is so irrelevant to the story. Aditi Rao Hydari is okay but does not get much screen time to make an impression. The usually dependable Vennela Kishore does very little. Tanikella Bharani is fine in whatever he is offered.

Music and Other Departments?

Amit Trivedi scored the songs for the film and none of them lingers in our mind. Probably, there is no need for the songs in such stories. Thaman has scored the background score. We may be reminded of the Ratsasan background score many times but the overall feel is good. The camera work is too good at places. The tone of the film compliments the mood of the story. There are some shots which are very impressive. The movie is just 140 minutes long but still gives a lengthy feeling.


The Background Score Despite the Similarity


Failure to Use Talented Cast.
Routine and Predictable Story
Beaten to Death Treatment.
Second Half and the Climax in Particular.

Alternative Take

An alternative take for V is difficult. Probably the best way is to go back to the storyboard and scrap the idea of making a thriller. The best case would be to play to the strengths of Nani and Indraganti.

Did I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?


‘V’ Review by Siddartha Toleti