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Allu-Sirish-Urvasivo-Rakshasivo-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Sree (Allu Sirish) and Sindhu (Anu Emannuel) work in the same IT company and have a fling. It soon leads to passionate romance and sex. Sree, a traditional guy, immediately proposes love, but Sindhu, a modern girl, rejects it. How their love story ends is the movie’s basic story.

Allu Sirish suits the role of the middle-class boy next door well. He plays a simpleton without any flashiness. The actor pulls off the breezy romance and comedy parts well—nothing heavy-duty here, which works fine for him. On the flip side, one emotional scene highlights the weakness, and then there is the issue with screen presence, which isn’t optimum yet. 

Anu Emmanuel is also a perfectly cast for the part of a trendy, modern independent girl. All her actions and attitude look organic with her presence and presentation. It is why despite nothing exceptional, the role still is elevated by her.

Rakesh Sashii writes and directs Urvasivo Rakshasivo. He picks a familiar rom-com setup and tries to spin an engaging tale out of it, even if it hits predictable notes here and there. 

A middle-class boy falling for a rich girl is a done-to-death theme. Similarly, a modern girl and a somewhat traditional boy hitting it off together is also nothing new. More so in the current times when there have been similar subjects back to back. 

The essential thing with familiar setups and predictable plots in the writing and casting. Without them, it will be impossible to hold the viewers’ attention when one knows how the narrative takes shape. 

In Urvasivo Rakshasivo, the fun keeps coming from time to time, and it works. The timing of the actors and the writing is what makes it tick. The core romance and drama offer nothing new, but the supporting cast does the trick with the entertainer. 

The comedy consists of double entendre, but it is mostly risque variety rather than downright vulgar. It works well for the target audience, undoubtedly. 

The interval, after all the fun, is on expected lines. We have a dejavu feeling keeping in mind how similar it is to some recent flick. But the good thing is Urvasivo Rakshasivo takes a different direction. 

The idea of sex versus romance is good, but it is not explored in Urvasivo Rakshasivo. We get to the usual topic of marriage and a live-in scenario. Again, it is not new; additionally, there is a tilt towards drama in the second hour. 

The mother sentiment is decent. But, it looks force-fitted into the narrative to get the drama going. The whole process of making it work feels lengthy. 

The comedy, too, varies from mild to good to excellent. The combination (sentiment and fun) results in drag. But, the narrative never slackens. The director, too, realises the same, and we see the result during the pre-climax and climax, where things are wrapped quickly without wasting time. 

Overall, Urvasivo Rakshasivo is a predictable rom-com that is freshly and breezily packed. The comedy works, whereas the drama drags a little making it a decent one-time watch.

Anu-Emanuel-Urvasivo-Rakshasivo-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors
The supporting cast is packed with good artists in Urvasivo Rakshasivo. We have the likes of Sunil and Venela Kishore taking care of the comedy, whereas Aamani and Kedar Shankar take care of the emotional side. 

Sunil and Vennela Kishore get good roles, respectively and deliver. They lift the proceedings from time to time with their comic timing. Posani Krishna Murali is seen briefly and is alright in his typical style. Prithvi as a modern father, is okay. The rest of the cast playing bits and pieces roles are acceptable, but nothing remarkable.

Music Director -Achu-RajamaniMusic and Other Departments?
Achu Rajamani and Anup Rubens provide the music. The songs are okay. They are not memorable, but the placement and picturisation on the screen make it work. The background score is adequate.

Tanvir Mir’s cinematography gives a slick and rich look to the movie. The production values add to the attraction. Karthika Srinivas’ editing is okay. The writing is satisfactory for the chosen story and setup.

First Half
Slick visuals

Familiar Story
Drag In Second Half
Ending portions

Vennela-Kishor-Urvasivo-Rakshasivo-Movie-ReviewDid I Enjoy It?
Yes, the comedy portions

Will You Recommend It?
Yes with minor reservations

Urvasivo Rakshasivo Movie Review by M9News

Final Report:

Urvasivo Rakshasivo’s second half isn’t as smooth as the first, but it still manages to hook, making it a decent watch overall. The drama is passable, but comedy clicks with the target audience, the youth.

— Sree and Sindhu’s live-in relationship isn’t working out. The movie is heading to the climax.

— Second half started. The couple ran into a conflict with live in or married life together.

First Half Report:

Though not entirely fresh Urvasovo Rakshasivo, the fun factor keeps working from time to time. Slick-making and production values add to the appeal. We have to see how the second half turns out to see where it ends.

— Sree (Sirish) falls for Sindhu (Anu), the love track is taking place in an IT office.

— Urvasivo Rakshasivo show started. Digital with Netflix and Aha. The movie begins with a melody song.

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Cast: Allu Sirish, Anu Emmanuel, Vennela Kishore, Sunil
Director: Rakesh Sashii
Presented By: Allu Aravind
Producers: Dheeraj Mogilineni & Viijay M
Music: Achu Rajamani & Anup Rubens
Cinematography: Tanveer Mir
Editor: Karthika Srinivas R
Art Director: Srinagendra Tangala
Executive Producer: Babu
Publicity Designs: Anil Bhanu
Pro: Eluru Sreenu – Meghasyam
Audio On: Aditya Music

Urvasivo Rakshasivo Movie Review by M9News