Upendra 2 ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Mess from start to end.


“U/A” Certified, 136 Mins.

Upendra Upendra 2 ReviewWhat is the film about?
That you need to read this review carefully and decide immediately without thinking about the past and future, if you are going to watch the film.

How is Upendra’s performance?
There is really nothing here apart from some get up’s from actor Upendra. It’s as if he just sleep walks through the roles with only thing to differentiate being the various get ups. It is especially more disappointing if one has seen his past films where he has rocked with the performance and forces us to like the film for his ‘act’ alone.

Upendra Director Upendra 2 ReviewDirection By Upendra?
Unlike the acting, director Upendra tries really hard to narrate a film differently based on the unique concept he has. But beyond the basic concept and a story there is nothing else in the film that makes sense. The screenplay is therefore the biggest fault here. There is so much unnecessary junk that doesn’t make any sense in the end or may be it has gone over our head.

Even the direction which has been strength of Upendra is weak here. The director has the unique ability to bring tremendous energy and sharpness to proceedings based on the unique concepts he has. This usual flair that he has exhibited in the past in his films like A and Upendra is missing here. Upendra 2 in fact has no real energy at all that could hook us and instead it has a complex idea shown with even more confusion. Only in couple of songs we could feel that craziness which also manages to engage.

Kristina Akheeva Upendra 2 ReviewKristina Akheeva and other artists?
There are many artists in the film few known and rest largely unknown to Telugu audience. Some are repeated from his previous films. Female leads look glamorous and even though they are given few scenes to take the story forward they don’t really make an impression.

Guru Kiran Upendra 2 ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music of the film is mostly poor looked from dubbing perspective. But couple of songs does stand out thanks to the hard hitting yet variety lyrics. Choreography is alright for the terrain. Editing is poor and so is cinematography barring few portions. Dialogues are unintentionally hilarious most of the times.

Highlights Upendra 2 ReviewHighlights?
Basic concept.


Drawbacks Upendra 2 ReviewAlternative Take
If not Nolan may be Upendra should have taken suggestion from the makers of Lucia on how to present complicated subjects in simplified and understandable manner. A simplified film with the punch intact would be an alternative and someone who can come up with it would be a true genius.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes but in a its-so-bad-that-its-good way.

Will you recommend it?
No, certainly not theatrically.

Upendra 2 Review by Siddhartha