Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya Review -Predictable Yet Engaging And Enjoyable Drama

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Predictable Yet Engaging And Enjoyable Drama



Uma Maheswara - Ugra - Roopasya -Netflix Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Uma Maheshwar Rao is a simple guy with lovable people around him. He owns a studio and takes photographs for livelihood. His life is changed one day when a random guy beats him up in his town and in front of his people.

Maheshwar Rao wows that he won’t wear slippers until he takes the revenge. Did Maheshwar Rao get the revenge is the basic story of the film?

How Is Satyadev’s Performance?

Satya Dev is slowly but surely making choices that are getting him noticed as an actor. it is brave of his to pick up a subject like Uma Maheshwar Ugra Roopasya where there is very less ‘heroism’ in the typical sense. It is so because going by his past choices and some recent outings, there is no doubt that Satya Dev harbours the ambition of being a commercial hero.

Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya is a remake of critically acclaimed Malayalam film. The original won the actor a lot of laurels for the portrayal. It is, therefore, a double challenge for Satya Dev. We must say he has passed with flying colours. The best thing that can be said about an actor (and also the best compliment) is that we only see the character and not the hero. Satya Dev lives and breathes like Uma Maheshwar Rao.

Satya Dev completely avoids the commercial trappings that he has developed and goes on to enact a role like it should be done. There is zero deviation, even in the climax. What helps him further is the role offers him a lot of moments to explore his range, between love, drama and heartbreak etc. while never going overboard. It is his career-best act, without any doubt.

Direction by Maha Venkatesh?

Venkatesh Maha arrived on the scene with the offbeat and arty yet entertaining drama C/O Kancherapalem. It was a surprise that he picked a remake for his sophomore attempt, but at the end of the day he has delivered.

The story of Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya is simple and predictable. It is the setting, the world and the characters that need to come alive to make it work. Maha is able to do just that after a little wobble initially.

The movie starts at decently, but soon it gets very dry and dull. The events before the crucial stretch are boring. One gets a feeling that the director is trying hard to get things right. The effort is visible which should not be the case. It is after the critical incident that one gets interested in the narrative.

From that ‘big moment’, the proceedings are both engaging and entertaining, as well. The screenplay neatly blends the various aspect touched upon in the movie. The introduction of the love story is also neatly done.

The different tracks involving photography, love story and revenge are blended in the right portions. A couple of sequences do feel unnecessary, though and add to the length. The slow pace enhances their impact.

As said above, everything is built well towards the climax. It is predictable but is also satisfactory and that’s were Uma Maheshwara Rao makes the mark.

Overall, Uma Maheshwar Rao is a faithful remake that is a gripping and engaging watch, for the most part. It leaves us with a satisfying feeling, in the end, making it an easy one-time watch.

Uma Maheswara -Ugra - Roopasya -Netflix Movie ReviewHari Chandana and Others?

Apart from the lead characters, everyone else has small roles. But, the good thing is that they are like pieces of a puzzle and necessary to the narrative. Everyone has their importance. Chandana impresses as the fiery girl who doesn’t mince her words.

All the supporting actors like Naresh, Suhas, the very senior Raghavan and Ravindra Vijay etc. are neatly cast and enact their parts well. Each carries a different emotional weight to the narrative and they deliver it.

Uma Maheswara Ugra - Roopasya -Netflix Movie ReviewMusic and Other Departments?

The music of the film is given by Bijibal. It is excellent and sets up the mood of the movie well. It never lets that feeling go, right until the end. The cinematography by Appu Prabhakar is splendid. The small-town feel has been captured well. The editing by Ravi Teja Girijala could have been better. One does feel the narrative to be tiring, intermittently. The writing is adequate.






Second Half


Slow Pace

First Half An Hour

Lengthy Feeling

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Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya Review by Siddartha

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