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Right Twists And Turns


‘U/A’Certified, 2 hrs 09 mins.

U Turn Review, U Turn Telugu Movie Review, RatingsWhat Is the Film U Turn About?
Rachana (Samantha) is an intern reporter for a newspaper. She picks on a U Turn at a flyover which is causing several accidents. On following one of the rule breakers, Rachana lands in police station accused of murder. Did she really kill him or is there any other cause is what the film is all about?

How Is Samantha Akkineni’s Performance?
Samantha was terrific as the journalist. She has already done a similar part in Mahanati as well. The similarity ends at profession only, and U Turn takes her in a new direction. There are enough substance and moments where Samantha gets to showcase her acting talent. The pre-climax sequence is chilling, and she aces it. However, the rest is regular stuff, and the actress does it with casual ease.

U Turn Review, U Turn Telugu Movie Review, RatingsDirection by Pawan Kumar?
Pawan Kumar is directing the movie for the second time. He has already made the same film in Kannada. U Turn is the second film he has made after Lucia, and it also thrills until the very end. There are confidence and energy in his direction. The frames and the progress are very crisp and engaging without much wastage.

The first half an hour appear weak when we look back at the whole film. The arrival of the police to arrest the character of Samantha is where the pace picks up and its relentless until the interval. If not for the early family and romance development time, the way the movie takes off after police entry, one could feel that interval coming very soon after entering the theatre.

The second half maintains the momentum but isn’t as racy. It isn’t a problem as the substitution comes in the form of thrill factor. The direction is what makes it all work and gives chills, predictable or otherwise, to the audience. The way the real motive is revealed is skilfully done. It is only towards the end when the real reason is out; there is a feeling of underwhelming.

Those who have got the twist earlier might feel even more let down. But, full credits to the director for keeping the suspense alive for the maximum duration without causing any disappointment. The screenplay is terrific for a thriller, and the casting and acting make the whole thing come alive.

Overall, U Turn is an easy one time watch in cinemas for the thrill it has to offer. Pawan Kumar could be a big name in future if he maintains the same directorial abilities and gets a fresh subject.

U Turn Review, U Turn Telugu Movie Review, RatingsAadhi Pinisetty and Others?
Apart from Samantha playing the lead role, U Turn is filled with interesting characters played by seasoned actors. Aadhi Pinisetty plays a sincere cop and makes his mark throughout. Rahul Ravindran is an excellent addition. Aadu Kalam Naren is alright. Bhumika plays a surprising role justifying her presence. The rest of the cast are adequate.

U Turn Review, U Turn Telugu Movie Review, RatingsMusic and Other Departments?
There are no songs in the movie, but the background sore given by Poorna Chandra Tejaswi is terrific. It elevates the whole proceedings to a new level. It helps in keeping the raciness alive. The cinematography is neat. The editing is tight for the most part.

U Turn Review, U Turn Telugu Movie Review, RatingsHighlights?

Gets Predictable At Times
Alternative Take:

U Turn Review, U Turn Telugu Movie Review, RatingsAlternative Take
Watch the original Kannada version with a different and vibrant heroine. It would give one a different feel.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

U Turn Review by Siddartha Toleti


Final Report:

U-Turn is a scene by scene faithful remake of the Kannada original version. Overall, it’s a decent one time watch for the message it wants to convey. Visit back for our frank and detailed review soon.

– Finally, Rachana finds the person causing the mysterious suicide deaths. Movie comes to an end.

– When there is no way of finding the mystery of the deaths, Rachana herself takes the wrong U-Turn and waits for something to happen to her.

– Rachana tries to save Two other guys who took U-Turn on the flyover but they die under the nose of the police when they are in the police custody. So far, everyone who took U-Turn on the flyover died.

– U-Turn second half started. Rachana starts digging the deaths further with the help of Inspector Nayak (Aadhi).

First Half Report:

U-Turn first half is crisp and decent. Entire first half is a scene by scene replica of the original Kannada version without a single change.

– Police release Rachana but the mystery behind suicides continue. Interval.

– SI Nayak (Aadhi) believes that Rachana is innocent and trying help her during the investigation.

– Rachana provides a list of motorists who violated the traffic rule on the flyover. But much to her shock, police finds out that all the persons on her list have committed suicide.

– Rachana soon runs into a big risk. She tries to meet the first person on the list but he commits suicide. Police takes Rachana into custody as a suspect.

– Meanwhile, Rachana is working on an article on the incidents at RK Puram flyover. She is secretly collecting the info of motorists who move the concrete blocks that partition the road to take a quick U-Turn to avoid the traffic on the flyover.

– Rachana has a crush on her colleague Rahul Ravindran, working as a crime reporter in the same office.

– U Turn show started. Rachana (Samantha) works at Times of India.

U Turn US premier live updates will begin at 7 am IST (9.30 pm EST).

Preview: U Turn

For the Telugu version of the remake, it’s Samantha who is responsible for all the noise the film has been making and the positive buzz it had garnered, till date. She is indeed the selling point of the movie besides Pawan Kumar’s directorial prowess that was seen in the original Kannada movie.

The remaker versions are tweaked a bit and the last 30 minutes of the movie will be different from the original said the director. So, the intriguing factor is very well maintained by the team despite the fact that the original’s copy is available online through various sources. From whatever we have seen in the trailer, we understand that the background score of the movie is crucial along with the script.

As the director who helmed the original is at the helm of the things for both the Telugu and the Tamil versions of ‘U Turn’, we may expect the soul of the movie to be in the right place. By the way, there is Aadhi Pinishetty who stole our hearts with ‘Rangasthalam’. Samantha’s thriller is coming along with her hubby Chaitanya’s ‘Shailaja Reddy Alludu’, a mass entertainer.

The face-off between them is one of the reasons why the trade and the audiences are curiously waiting for the result. Keep watching this space for our genuine ‘U Turn’ review. We’ll be back, very soon with a comprehensive review. Stay tuned, folks!

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