Tulasidalam ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Great disservice to title


“A” Certified – 118 Mins.

Tulasidalam ReviewWhat is the film about?
Strange things start to happen when Sathvik (Nischal) accepts a challenge of sleeping a night at burial ground. What are the strange things? Is there a ghost and how it all ends is what the film is about.

How is Nischal Deva’s performance?
Nischal is just about alright in the film. He has a simple character to execute but fails to bring anything special or worthwhile that could have made the character memorable.

Tulasidalam ReviewDirection By R.P.Patnaik?
RP Patnaik returns to direction after brief gap but many of the problems from his previous attempt persist. Most importantly it’s the screenplay where he falters, again. It’s very weak and lacks the gripping nature required to pull off such a film. At the basic plot and concept level it is good very much like his previous efforts but like every one of those films barring the exception of Broker, this one also ends up disappointing. There are sequences in the film where you feel strongly that better execution would have had solid impact. Unfortunately this feeling stays till the end.

Tulasidalam ReviewVandana Gupta and others?
Apart from few notable artists like Duvvasi Mohan, Brahmanandam and Anita Chowdhary, the film mostly consists of unknown faces with Vandana Gupta being the leading lady. She is passable at best. Among the known faces having good enough screen time Duvvasi Mohan is by far the most effective and Brahmanandam the most inconsequential one. RP Patnaik himself appears in an important role but it fails to make any impact.

Music-Director-movie-reviewMusic and other departments?
Music of the film too is given by RP Patnaik. All songs barring one are poor. Background score which is so essential for a film like this is decent in parts. As far as rest of the technical departments goes, this one is an absolute disaster.

Tulasidalam ReviewHighlights?
Basic plot
Short length


Terrible execution

Tulasidalam ReviewAlternative Take
The beginning of the film should have had a conclusion in this film itself with it being tied to the story. This could be achieved with entire first half being rewritten by bringing the ghost element and Thilak character sooner than what’s the case here.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Tulasidalam Review by Siddhartha