Trisha-Leda-Nayanatara-reviewBOTTOM LINE


‘A’ Certified – 131 minutes

trisha-Leda-Nayanthara-ratingsWhat is the film about?
Jeeva (GV Prakash) has two love stories in his life, one with Ramya and other with Aditi. However both the love stories end up with an unfortunate break up. What happens in the end is what the film is all about.

How is GV Prakash performance?
This is the first time Telugu audience gets to see the musician in acting avatar and one must say it isn’t that pleasant. GV Prakash looks raw and although it helps the characterization temporarily but it also mars the experience when seen in entirety as a film. It’s a one dimensional act but credit must be given for going all out without any half measures.

trisha-Leda-Nayanthara-reviewDirection By Adhik Ravichandran?
Despite the crudity on display most of the times there is a flow in the narrative in the world chosen by the director. If the crude emotional display is not a problem there are points which one would not mind but again there is a huge issue related to the milieu and the presentation. On both scores the film fails in the dubbed version which means one is not on board with the project. The beginning of the film is decent from then onwards it just plummets. Again final five minutes are good but everything in between falls flat.

trisha-Leda-Nayanthara-reviewAnandhi and Other artist’s performance?
There are two heroines in the film but it’s Aanandi who gets the meatier part. She is superb and portrays her character well. Manish Yadav is wasted. Simran is given an engaging role and she does her part well. But the real crucial role is reserved for VTV Ganesh. This character is crucial for the entertainment aspect of the film but due to the actor lacking in nativity there is no impact whatsoever.

music-director-Telugu-Movie-ReviewMusic and other departments?
Musically the film is just about okay. It’s the background score where GV Prakash delivers big time. Cinematography is decent. Editing should have been far better. Choreography of songs is creative in two songs.

Some funny situations
Background score

Nativity issue
Second half
Poor screenplay

trisha-Leda-NayantharaAlternative Take

The very point that was to differentiate this film from many others of its kind was the bold point. The film fails to tackle it properly and scratches only the surface. An alternative take would be to go all out with the theme, either in a serious way or completely comedic style.

Did I enjoy it?
Very few scenes

Will you recommend it?
No. staring at wallpapers featuring the heroines could be better entertainment.

Trisha Leda Nayanathara Review by Siddhartha