Tripura movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Fails to stand out of horror crowd.


“A” Certified – 151 minutes

Tripura movie ReviewWhat is the film about?
Tripura (Swathi) has a unique psychological condition where all her dreams come true. What happens when she dreams of killing someone she most loves?

How is Swathi’s performance?
Swathi is dependable as usual. She brings forth the innocence required for the character which helps audience connect with the character. She is good in the emotional scenes as well doing it as per requirement without going overboard. Only minor glitch is her typical urban voice with all the variations despite the character Tripura hailing from a village backdrop.

Tripura movie ReviewDirection By Raj Kiran?
Director Raja Kiran has once again followed the path of Geethanjali for this film as well. The problem is here the sharpness of the first film is lacking and it feels lengthy. The comedy and family elements don’t blend seamlessly into a single narrative and instead a jarring feeling is felt when the gears shift.

First half of the film despite the predictable nature and length holds the attention. The problem arises in the second half where the unevenness is felt. A song , couple of comedy sequences just look forced into the narrative. The rest has been handled decently but eventually the predictability nullifies the required impact. Overall for a derivative film like this sharp direction required to engage is missing.

Tripura movie Review
Naveen Chandra and Other artist’s performance?
Naveen Chandra is in his zone right from the beginning though in the end he kind of gives an underwhelming feeling. Rao Ramesh is reliable once again and does his part with clinical ease. Sivannarayana gets a recognizable role playing a father. But the real highlight of the film undoubtedly is Sapthagiri. The character in Tripura is going to be without any doubt among his top three performances as a comedian. He steals the show in all the scenes that he is present in. Huge part of this success should be given to the way the character is written. Others like Jayaprakash and Shakalaka Shankar in couple of scenes are decent. Overall all characters are well cast and no one really lets down in this department. Only some parts are underwritten, that’s it.

Tripura movie ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music by Kamran is poor and frankly speaking few songs are unnecessary for the film and only add to the length of the film. Background score gives the template vibe associated with films of this genre. Cinematography could have been better, editing even more so. Dialogues are a major plus for the film. They are fun throughout the duration.

Tripura movie ReviewHighlights?
Basic plot of dreams

Predictability of core story
Too lengthy
Weak direction

Tripura movie ReviewAlternative Take
There are dime a dozen films being made in this genre that its becoming impossible to see an alternative at this point, especially in Telugu cinema. The fact that we are watching spoofs already within the genre shows how overused it is. May be its time to give it a rest or go the Tamil way of out and out horror.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, in parts.

Will you recommend it?

Tripura Review by Siddhartha