Thoofan ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Ram Charan Passes, Thoofan fails



What is “Thoofan” about?
Toofan is a remake of 1973 Amitabh Bachchan starer Zanjeer. It is the story of a honest young cop who gets transferred from Hyderabad to Mumbai. The murder case of a vice-collector is being handled by him there and it leads him to oil mafia and its kingpin Rudra Pratap Teja (Prakash Raj). When Vijay inches close to the truth, Teja uses his influence and gets him suspended. It was then Vijay takes the help of Sher Khan (Sri Hari) and a courageous crime reporter, Jayadev (Tanikella Bharani) to bring Teja down.

How is Ram Charan?
Ram Charan is a perfect fit in the role of a cop. He looks sturdy and fit. Also he managed the expressions and mannerisms perfectly for the role of an angry young man. Bollywood audience will like him for sure in Zanjeer. He looked extremely handsome in Mumbai Ke Hero song though he did some simple dance moves it will be a treat to his fans.

Thoofan Review
How is Apporva Lakhia’s direction?
Apoorva Lakhia did a decent job as director. But he deviated from the script of the original Zanjeer. The basic plot is the same but the treatment and narration varied. A better written script should have made the difference. It is not justified to expect entertainment in a power packed entertainer but the you will miss it often when the movie getting predictable and not moving any where.

Priyanka-chopra-Zanjeer-Thoofan Review
What about Priyanka Chopra, Prakash Raj, Mahie Gill Tanikella Bharani & others?
Priyanka Chopra is smoking hot in the movie. She mesmerizes you every time she comes on to the screen. And she will tantalize you for sure in Pinky and Mumbai Ke Hero songs.

Prakash Raj will bore you to death with his stereo type action. His costumes reminded of comedy don characters in old movies. Mahie Gill is seen as his girl friend (a vamp role) and the dialogues between them are very cheap and vulgar. Tanikella Bharani is a seen as a honest crime reporter and he comes out good as usual but not much of scope for his role. The comedy of the Police constables is irritating.

What about Srihari?
The movie also marks the Bollywood debut of Srihari. The character ‘Sher Khan’ was very effective in the original and the bonding between him and Vijay is one of its major highlight. But however, Sher Khan in this new Zanjeer is poorly written and the bonding is also missing. But Srihari did justice to his role.

Thoofan Review
How is Music, Songs, Dances other departments?
Rerecording is a complete letdown except for 1-2 scenes. Songs are good but the dubbed lyrics played spoilsport. Ram Charan comes up with graceful dances in Mumbai ka hero. Gururaj’s cinematography is just okay and editing could have been a lot better.

Thoofan Review
1. Ram Charan’s performance.
2. Priyanka Chopra’s glamour
3. Production values
1. Poor script
2. Dubbing movie feel
3. Soul-less villainism

Thoofan Review
What about its box office prospects?
Keeping as the comparison with Zanjeer, the movie is a okay cop movie. A little more homework in the script department and addition of some entertainment could have made the difference. With the current political situation in state it’s hard to predict it’s box office.

Did I enjoy it?

Reviewed by Siddhartha