Tippu Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Attack on audience.


‘A’ Certified, 129 mins.

Satya Karthik Tippu Movie ReviewWhat is the film about?
The city of Mysore is terrorized by few rowdies. How Tippu comes and saves the public and also city commissioner’s daughter is what the film is about.

How is Satya Karthik’s performance?
After some gap we have a newcomer with most consistent act. From the first frame till the last one, there is absolutely no change in his body language or behavior or dialogue delivery.

Jagadeesh Tippu Movie ReviewDirection By Jagadeesh Daneti?
This is a lackluster directorial venture. There is absolutely nothing done from direction perspective to make the film interesting. The sequences conceived are poor and the execution makes it worse.

Kanika Kapoor Tippu Movie ReviewSamskruthi, Kanika Kapoor and others performance?
Kanika has very little to do performance wise as one would expect. Even in other aspects like glamour and dance she is resourceless. Among other actor’s only Chalapati Rao manages to get the audience’s attention.

Manisharma Tippu Movie ReviewMusic and other departments?
Would you believe it music for this monstrosity is given by Mani Sharma? Well he is and the music he has given is below par. As usual he saves the day with background score. Editing of the film is poor and so is cinematography. Dialogues are unintentionally hilarious.

Highlights Tippu Movie ReviewHighlights?
Short duration.
Mani’s bgm.

Everything else.

Drawbacks Tippu Movie Review

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Tippu Review by Siddhartha