Tiger Telugu Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Moderately entertaining.


“U/A” Certified, 120 Mins.

Sundeep Kishan Tiger Telugu Movie ReviewWhat is the film about?
The film is about three characters Tiger, Vishnu and Ganga. Tiger and Vishnu are friends where as Vishnu and Ganga are lovers. How the friendship and love evolves and what are the problems they face is what the film is about.

How is Sundeep Kishan’s performance?
This is another one of typically typical Sundeep Kishan performance. He has been doing this for some time and thanks to the repetition an ease has developed in him. All this is fine when he does his stuff at smaller level but when doing a big mass venture of this scope there has to be a bigger screen presence which is lacking currently.

V I Anand Tiger Telugu Movie ReviewDirection By VI Anand?
Anand has done good job in maintaining the energy in the proceedings throughout the film even when things are extremely predictable. This is what saves the film in the end. He has handled the key moments well showing that he has what it takes to handle mass movies in future. Overall it’s a decent debut without any doubt.

Seerath Kapoor Tiger Telugu Movie ReviewSeerath Kapoor and others performance?
Seerat Kapoor as usual has very little to do in a mass movie. However compared to many other films at least she could be happy at the fact that the character in important to the narrative even though small. Rahul Ravindran has very good role that taps into his comic side and he carries it well without completely getting overshadowed. These two apart from hero are the major characters in the film and besides them others have very little to do.

Thaman Tiger Telugu Movie ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music and background score by SS Thaman is good for a change. Cinematography by Chota K Naidu is good. Dialogues are unintentionally hilarious at takes but otherwise fine. Editing is alright.

Highlights Tiger Telugu Movie ReviewHighlights?
Short length.

Predictable ending.
Simplistic handling of serious subject.

Drawbacks Tiger Telugu Movie ReviewAlternative take:
The core subject of the film is a very serious issue. An alternative take would be a more serious handling of it with right emotional depth.

Did I enjoy it?
For most part.

Will you recommend it?
For those who watch movies for time pass.

Tiger Review by Siddhartha