Tholu Bommalata Movie Review - BOTTOM LINE
A Very Sincere But Boring Attempt


‘U’ Certified, 2 hrs 20 mins

Tholu Bommalata Movie Review - What Is the Film About?
Somaraju (Rajendra Prasad) is a much loved and widely respected elder in a village. He leads a happy life, and his last wish is to see grandchildren’s (Bava-Maradallu) to get married. The problem here is that the respective families of each of his kids don’t like each other. How did his family react to the proposal? What happens to the marriage – is what the movie is all about?

How Is Rajendra Prasad’s Performance?
Rajendra Prasad as Somaraju lives in the role. He brings small nuances to the part that typical for a village raised character. Little details like that blended with his usual dramatic style make the role alive and endearing at the same time.

Many emotional scenes are present to highlights his performance. But, they are par for the course for him at this stage of his career. It is the small moments that make the ‘act’ worthwhile.

Tholu Bommalata Movie Review - Direction by Vishwanath Maganti.?
Vishwanath Maganti directs the movie Tholu Bommalata. The opening itself gives a clear as to what is the idea behind the film. While the setup and surface-level details might be different, the core issue remains the same. It is another version of Rajendra Prasad’s Aa Naluguru.

The heart of the movie is in the right place, and whenever the drama related to the core issue takes place, it is engaging. Even though it might appear age-old, and seen many times before. The actors and the driving emotion make it tick.

But, the problem is the rest of the body that form the most of the duration of the film. A considerable segment of the drive is run on the younger pair. They are abysmal and fail to generate the chemistry and care that the characters needed. A massive chunk of the second half is dedicated to them which look like a different film entirely.

Also, the opening sequences involving the set up lacks freshness, is very old-school and clichéd. They also don’t add much to the overall impact. Nonetheless, they are better than the younger pair squabble.

The Vennela Kishore and Rajendra Prasad track is the key to the whole proceedings. It beings in a conventional way, but by the time of climax, there is an evident growth that can’t be missed. It also helps in the drama towards the climax. However, a lot of silliness precedes it which could have been done in a better manner.

It finally brings us to the Aa Naluguru comparison. Well, Tholu Bommalata is nowhere near as the narrative can be skipped in blocks. The critical segment contains less duration; unlike the 2004 movie, which builds a crescendo to its climax. The emotion is there, but the interest and impact is lost in Tholu Bommalata. Among Rajendra Prasad movies with a serious message, this would rank even lower than Onamalu.

Overall, Tholu Bommalata is a sincere and honest attempt in parts with a decent climax and a couple of emotional blocks. But, the rest is clichés and serial-lite mixed with fluffy romance. Doesn’t warrant a theatrical visit, but, can be a one-time fast-forward viewing on a digital medium.

Tholu Bommalata Movie Review - Harshitha and Others?
Vishwant and Harshita are the young pair in the movie that is dominated by senior actors. Unfortunately, they occupy a significant amount of time and are crucial to the plot movement. They fail to create enthusiasm and interest alive in their portions.

Devi Prasad and Narra Srinivas do their parts well. The former especially is more restrained and does well in moving parts. Narra Srinivas overdoes it a bit, but that is how he has been going about in the high pitched drama space. So, there is nothing out of the blue either.

Vennela Kishore is given a significant part in the movie. It is the adhesive that brings the narrative together and gets it going. There is comedy mostly and little emotion in the role, and he does it with ease. The seniors led by Chalapathi Rao and gang are adequate. They play their parts comfortably and look like fish in the water in the familiar terrain. Dhanraj is fine in the time he gets. Tagubothu Ramesh appears briefly, and he does his usual act.

Thippara Meesam Review, Thippara Meesam Movie Review RatingsMusic and Other Departments?
The music by Suresh Bobbili lacks punch. It is alright and goes about its way, nothing worth mentioning. The background score too lacks appeal. The cinematography is decent. The editing is fine. The writing, a major factor in leaving an impression, is not up to the mark. It is okay in parts involving the drama handled by senior actors and climax.

Tholu Bommalata Movie Review - Highlights?
Rajendra Prasad
Scenes Related to the Core Drama

Love Track
A Large Part Of the Second Half
Serial Like Presentation

Tholu Bommalata Movie Review - Alternative Take
Well, you can choose either Aa Naluguru or Onamalu, for starters.

Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, but very few parts

Will You Recommend It?

Tholu Bommalata Review by Siddartha Toleti