Varun Tej Tholi Prema ReviewBOTTOM LINE
A Likeable Outing


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 16 mins.

Varun TejWhat Is the Film About?
The movie is all about Aadhi (Varun Tej) and Varsha (Rashi Khanna). How the pair meets, then breaks up and finally unites is what the movie is all about?

How Is Varun Tej’s Performance?
Varun Tej looks terrific in the movie. He has been presented very well in different phases. The college guy part suits him very well. Also, the significant improvement in physique helps the cause. Once again, there is not much emotional content to showcase dramatic acting skills, but there is enough in character via the attitude and anger that helps Varun register as a performer. It is also good to see some effort being put into dances. It adds to the overall screen presence.

Venky AtluriDirection by Venky Atluri ?
It can be said without any doubt that Venki Atluri has made a confident debut as a director. He has a vision for the big screen and an eye for visuals, but the more important thing is the director has been able to extract that output from technicians and show it onscreen.

As one can guess from the storyline, Tholi Prema is a simple love story. Deft handling of emotions and proper flow of emotions and an all-important connect to the lead pair is necessary for the film to work. Venky Atluri manages to get them. There is a chemistry between the lead actors, and that helps in overcoming the predictability and flat making.

Well, that brings us to the negative aspect here. The narration lacks bite at regular intervals. So, while visuals are appealing, they lack the depth. It all looks good to see, but when we take nothing or if as an audience, we aren’t emotionally plugged nothing matters. Tholi Prema has such moments in both the halves, but luckily they are followed by well-acted and impactful scenes. The placement of songs and the background score also gives the additional push.

Overall, Tholi Prema is a slick product. But it lacks the smooth organic flow that would make the audience fall in love. There is a neat explanation in the movie where the hero Aadhi (Varun) explains the difference between liking and loving by contrasting chocolates and heroine Varsha (Rashi Khanna), the hero likes chocolates but loves Varsha (Rashi Khanna). The point being, he would forget about chocolates after a point, but not heroine as it is love. Tholi Prema manages to reach the chocolate level of liking. It is likable for the time being, and its the Valentine Day week. The timing couldn’t have been better.

Raashi KhannaRashi Khanna and Others?
Rashi Khanna has got a perfect role that suits her talent and looks. She has done a fabulous job in the movie which is sure to get noticed. Apart from the lead pair, there are not many artists given enough scope to perform.

Music Director ThamanMusic and Other Departments?
SS Thaman has once again come up with fabulous work. Both the songs and the background score enhance the mood and feel of the movie. Technically, Tholi Prema is incredible with excellent cinematography and lavish production values. Editing is alright. The dialogues are at reasonable level uniformly.

Priyadarshi, Hyper Adi, Naresh, and Suhasini are part of supporting cast, but none has a distinct character with depth, they are either there to provide few silly laughs or pay lip service to individual dramatic scenes that they are part of.

Priyadarshi PullikondaHighlights?
Lead Pair Chemistry
Music & BGM
First Half

Flat Moments
Not Enough Depth

Sapna PabbiAlternative Take
By bringing further depth into the background aspects and in a couple of supporting characters.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

Tholi Prema Reivew by Siddartha


Final Report:

The chemistry between the lead pair and songs, along with a fab production values makes Tholi Prema a decent one time watch. Predictable story and the title weigh the film down overall. Our frank review will be up from the first show in India today. Visit back this space.

– After the reunion of the lovers movie ends on a lip lock scene.

– Adi – Varsha’s reunion attempt heading towards the climax.

– Thaman’s BGM and audio is a huge plus for the film. His contribution is very high for this simple love story.

– Suhasini Maniratnam plays a brief role as Varun’s mother, though there is nothing praiseworthy she is decent in the role she was given.

– “Allasani Vaari” song has been shot well. “Toliprema” title song is situational.

– Actor Priyadarshi again gets an okay role as a hero friend.

– Few Hyper Aadi mark punch dialogues working well.

– The second half starts in London. Adi meets Varsha after few years. Both work in the same team, Adi works under Varsha.

First Half Report:

Tholi Prema first half is passable. The picturization of songs elevates them on screen. Few dialogues have been well written. The college love track drags a bit with routine stuff. Interval bang on Varun-Rashi breakup conflict doesn’t appear to be a strong one. Overall it’s a passable first half though there is nothing new.

– A petty college fight followed by an ego clash leads to the breakup of Varun and Rashi. Interval.

– Vidyullekha is good in her typical style comedian role.

– Third song “Vinnane Vinnane” is alright.

– College love track between Adi and Varsha is on.

– Second song in the rain (Ninnila) is a pleasant watch, it has simple yet very nice choreography matching the lyrics of the melody.

– Adi (Varun) falls for Varsha (Rashi Khanna). Both miss the train, love track being established.

– First song “Break The Rules” has very good choreography, surprisingly Varun Tej dance moves are very cool.

– Tholi Prema show started on Adi (Varun Tej) hinting about his breakup story.

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Preview: Tholi Prema

Interestingly, Varun Tej’s ‘Tholi Prema’ is clashing with Sai Dharam Tej’s ‘Inttelligent’, a clash with the same family hero. Varun Tej has an edge over Sai Dharam as his movie is coming after a blockbuster ‘Fidaa’ while Sai Dharam’s movie is coming after a series of flops.

This movie is carrying a positive buzz by the virtue of its trailer and also the impressive album delivered by SS Thaman. He has given an excellent album, deviating from his routine drums. It’s a good melody pack suitable for the content of the movie, i.e., a love story.

The makers of ‘Tholi Prema‘ seem to be confident in the content of the movie. They are going ahead to screen the US premieres while the movie is going to release in India, a day later. This means the talk from the US premieres is going to affect its opening in the Telugu States.

A positive talk from the premieres means a good opening in the domestic market and vice versa. The makers had decided to take the bold step and hence, the premieres one day before in the US.

Though Sai Dharam Tej must have an edge over Varun Tej because of the director’s reputation, another success for Varun Tej will make him walk away with the lion’s share of the success. But, in the case of Sai Dharam, VV Vinayak will get due credits along with the mega hero.

Let’s see who would emerge the winner in this clash between the heroes of the same family? Our genuine Tholi Prema review is coming soon. Stay tuned, folks!

Tholi Prema USA Premiers Gross $151,796. A decent start for Varun Tej, positive WOM should help the film to take off well in the weekend.