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Over-Smart, Yet Watchable



Satya Dev -Thimmarusu Telugu Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

A smart and intelligent lawyer, Ram (Satyadev) convinces a big law firm to reopen an eight-year-old case. What starts as a compensation case is soon turned into a murder investigation. It is to find the real killer who then falsely implicates an innocent young guy. Did Ram succeed in his endeavor? Why did he re-open the case in the first place? The journey of Ram uncovering the real murderer is the basic story of the film.

How Is ‘s Performance?

Satyadev is quickly climbing the ladder of being a star. Here in Thimmarusu, we see another attempt at it. This is unlike his previous outing Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya, where he played a character and lived in the role.

What it means is there are additions like heroic fights. It is alright now as it doesn’t dominate the narrative and lets Satyadev be his natural self. As usual, he looks confident doing everything, and that’s his biggest strength. It works well for Thimmarusu. The fight sequences were neatly done. Overall, it is a decent outing, with Satyadev getting back to his Bluffmaster style.

Sharan Koppisetty - Thimmarusu Telugu Movie ReviewAnalysis

Sharan Koppisetty directs Thimmarusu. Like his previous film, Kirrak Party, it is also a remake of a Kannada movie. Similarly, it is a moderate upgrade on the original, but at superficial levels.

Thimmarusu is an investigative thriller with a lawyer as the protagonist. While the profession may vary, what lies underneath is yet another Sherlock Holmes reiteration for the lead. So, we have a super-smart lawyer who goes about his planning to get justice.

The beginning of the movie is ordinary. The initial scenes at the law firm, between colleagues and convincing the aggrieved party to reopen the case, are dealt with boringly. The problem is the lack of meat to the rest of the cast besides the hero. All we see is the protagonist talking and talking and convincing. Whatever little scope the rest gets, they lack the impact due to poor writing.

Still, Thimmarusu doesn’t lose all hope. It gets better as the movie progresses towards the intermission point. There is a curiosity raised for the second half.

The good thing is Thimmarusu gets its act together in the second half. After a similar start (like the beginning of the first half), the movie picks up the momentum as the hero starts cracking up the case. The different clues and how it leads to result, keep one engaged. Again, the artificiality of the whole thing is a downer, but things do feel alright when compared to what preceded it.

The super-smart hero playing cat and mouse game to catch the criminal is the hook point. However, the ‘smartness’ should have been used in a grounded way or sparingly. When it is what we get all the time, the narrative doesn’t hold the same appeal as it drowns other elements. Add the weaker non-thriller segment to it; what we get is an uneven narrative that has been the problem with the director’s previous remake, as well.

The climax is neatly done, even though a little overboard like the rest. The twist and the emotional angle behind it make things passable. However, it does feel a little rushed.

Overall, Thimmarusu is a decent one-time watch thriller. The second half does the trick as it provides a couple of engaging stretches. Give Thimmarusu a try if you like to watch a thriller laced with a little bit of drama, but keep the expectations low.

Priyanka Jawalkar - Thimmarusu Telugu Movie Review Priyanka and Others?

Priyanka Jawalkar playing the heroine, has got an atrocious role. It has no significance and doesn’t make any impression at all. She looks alright, though, and that is the only positive aspect here.

Thimmarusu has terrible character sketches for the supporting parts. None make an impression due to the poor writing. Brahmaji is the better of the lot, but even his punches fall flat. Ajay is reliable as usual, and Ravi Babu is alright. Jhansi is wasted and the young kid underutilised. The rest of the cast is mere fillers.

Music-Director-Sricharan-PakalaMusic and Other Departments?

Sricharan Pakala delivers what is best at – the background score. It gives the proceedings a bit of edge and adds some thrill to it. The songs, luckily not many, are forgettable. Appu Prabhakar follows a basic glossy look style that lacks sharpness and slick quality. The editing by Tammi Raju is decent. The writing, as mentioned previously, is weak. Except for the lead, it feels non-existent.

Brahmaji-Thimmarusu Telugu Movie ReviewHighlights?

Parts Of Second Half
Short Length


Uneven Narrative
Flat First Half
Weak Supporting Characters

Thimmarusu Telugu Movie -ReviewAlternative Take

Some effort in creating a world at the law firm and solid supporting parts that would, in turn, help out in the investigation would be an alternative take for what we have currently.

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes, In Parts

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, But With Reservations

Thimmarusu Movie Review by Siddartha