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Boring Mass Drama




Ram-Pothineni-The-Warriorr-Telugu-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Satya (Ram), a doctor, comes to Kurnool city as an intern in a hospital. He soon finds out about injustice happening in the city and exposes one scam that’s related to the hospital. The issue angers Guru (Aadi Pinisetty) who is a rowdy terrorising the city.

What happens when an angry Guru decides to kill Satya? How Satya comes back reformed and takes head on the monster is the movie’s core plot.


Ram is back with a new outing after a long gap. He plays a character with dual shades that helps him cater to both the class and mass. As doctor Satya, Ram is extremely classy whereas he turns ‘massy’ as police. He does well in both roles with required fun and intensity.

It takes a little time to get used to Ram as a police officer in uniform though. His personality is accentuated, but that’s only initially and we settle down eventually as the aggressive cop avatar takes over.

Krithi Shetty plays a routine commercial cinema heroine in the true sense. She is there only for comedy and songs. She has nothing to show as an actor. However, glamour wise she is presented well, especially in the songs.


N Lingusamy, a senior name in Tamil cinema, directs The Warrior. It is a mass action entertainer the likes of which he has handled deftly in the past.

Lingusamy picks a wafer-thin story for The Warrior. It is all about the screenplay and treatment for the movie to succeed. He has delivered successful mass outings in the past with similar hair brain plots. Unfortunately, Lingusamy fails to do so here.

Right from the start, there is something off with The Warrior. The transitions between the hospital scenes to family fun are poorly done. One gets a messy vibe before things settle with a powerful villain introduction block.

By the time the villain is introduced and some drama happens related to the hero, the issue plaguing the movie becomes even more transparent. There is an unevenness in proceedings. The screenplay fails in building momentum and energy out of some well-executed scenes. The predictability on top of it all further mars the experience.

The pre-interval and interval blocks again are symptomatic of the above-mentioned problem. There are small parts which give a terrific impression, but overall a high is missing.

The second half starts on a much better note with Ram taking charge as the cop. The focus is on action and drama which leads to a cohesive narrative briefly. The build-up and delivery in a couple of action scenes are neatly done.

However, the same issues related to unevenness crop up again. Additionally, the weakness in direction is also visible. Many scenes fail to hit the high due to dull and flat execution. The face-off between the hero and villain is a classic example here. It should have been explosive. There is material but a combination of direction, background score and writing don’t let it explode.

The last half an hour including the climax is laborious, to say the least. The narrative chugs along to reach a predictable face-off and then end. The duel between the hero and villain is a mere sparkle when it should have been a bomb.

Overall, The Warrior is a routine mass entertainer which has some mass moments working intermittently. But, a weak direction and screenplay play spoilsport. What should have been a cracker of a mass entertainer turns out to be a boring actioner.

Krithi-Shetty-The-Warriorr-Telugu-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors

Apart from the lead pair, Aadhi Pinisetty and Nadiya have key roles. The former especially is crucial to the whole movie as he is the antagonist.

Aadhi Pinisetty gets a typical mass villain role who is powerful and dreaded by everyone. It is in contrast background-wise compared to his last such memorable act in Sarrainodu. However, there is nothing much here for the actor to do. We have seen it all before and he pulls it off with ease. There is a good screen presence, but the impact is missing barring a few scenes. The whole act would have been forgettable if not for those small well portrayed bits.

Nadhiya appears on and off playing the mom. She is alright and delivers the required. Among the rest, there are a few known faces like Ajay, Jayaprakash etc. but they are wasted.

Music Director Devi Sri PrasadMusic and Other Departments?

Devi Sri Prasad gives typical commercial songs that work on screen with placement and choreography. When it comes to the background score, it is a mixed bag. Some parts are fine, but a few are very jarring and loud and come across as noisy. Then there are a few repetitive bits which are both outdated and loud.

Sujith Vassudevan’s cinematography is alright. There are some portions which could have been better visually. Naveen Nooli’s editing should have been better during the initial portions. The choreography of a couple of songs is fine. The writing is ordinary.


Ram And Aadhi
Couple Of Action Blocks
Two Songs


Routine Story
No Real High

Aadhi-Pinisetty-The-Warriorr-Telugu-Movie-ReviewAlternative Take

The same subject could be made racy with a better screenplay. An alternative take would be better integration of romance and family drama or external hurdles in the narrative.

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes, In Parts

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, But With Huge Reservations

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