‘The End’ Telugu Movie Review

the-end-telugu-movie-reviewBOTTOM LINE
Psychological Thriller.

“A” Certified, 149 mins.

So-So Rating

yuva-chandraa-in-the-end-telugu movie
What is the film about?
A newly married couple start facing problems when an accidental death happens in their pool. How a doctor friend comes and helps them is the film is all about.

Performance by Yuva Chandraa?
Yuva Chandra has done a good job in the film keeping the genre of the film in mind. There are hardly any scenes to show emotions or dramatic expertise of the actor but whatever the actor gets shows that he has got a camera friendly personality that could be used well in films in future.

Rahul-Sankrityan-in-the-end telugu movie review
Direction By Rahul Sankrityan?
Direction by debutant Rahul Sankrityan is good. He has stayed true to the plot and didn’t deviate from it for most part. The way he reached to the climax part at a psychological level is neatly executed in a detailed manner and these are the gripping moments in the film. One only wishes that he had shot the film in a better manner. Almost all the film has been shot mostly in close up shots which gets tiresome to look at after a point. It is this aspect that he must improve if he gets to direct in future.

Ghazal-Somaiah-in-the-end-telugu movie review
Ghazal Somaiah and others?
Apart from Yuva Chandra there are only three more important characters in the film played by Sudheer Reddy, Priya Reddy and Ghajal. Among these three only Sudheer Reddy has equal and important footing same as hero. Priya Reddy is only used for scaring and Ghajal for pouting. Venu is underutilized as comedian.

Music-Director-HariMusic and other departments?
Music by Hari and Vamshi is routine, the background music follows the cues of the horror and thriller genres but is nonetheless good. Cinematography is poor and so is the editing at times. Dialogues have a raw feel but they do manage to hold interest.

sudhir-reddy-in-the-end-telugu movie reviewHighlights?
Overall plot.
Second half.
Pre climax.

Repetitiveness of horror elements.
Slow first half.
Unnecessary romance track.

alternative take-in-the-end-telugu movie review
Alternative take:
First of all it is a good effort considering the budget involved. Coming to the idea level which doesn’t involve the budgets, yes, there is a room for improvement. Both the heroine track of Gautham and police character add to the length of the film without doing nothing in the end. Instead of these the main plot could have been further tightened or these threads, for example, the police character should have been well utilized. When one watches The End there are sure to be some mixed feeling because of these under developed half baked characters.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, in parts.

Will you recommend it?
Yes, to thriller lovers.


So-So Rating

Reviewed by Saumya Chandra, tell me what you think of my take on this film in comments section below.

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