Thanu Nenu Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Predictable silly fun.


“U” Certified, 119 Mins.

Santhosh Shobhan Thanu Nenu Movie ReviewWhat is the film about?
Thanu Nenu is the story of a girl who has two conflicting issues in her life. Father who wants her daughter to go to US and lover who is dead against going to US.

How is Santhosh Shobhan’s performance?
Santosh Sobhan makes a confident debut, especially the dialogue delivery. Lack of any sort of expectations also helps in positive effect.

Ram Mohan P Thanu Nenu Movie ReviewDirection By Ram Mohan?
Ram Mohan has produced couple of quality films so there was a curiosity to see how his directorial debut would turn out. One must say in his debut he maintains similar flavor that he had in his production ventures. Coming to the film there is a consistent narrative, the problem however is the execution itself which is so simple and devoid of any real drama. One never feels any tension at all during the length of the film. When we know what the ending is going to be and also know exactly how it’s going to pan out to reach to the eventually that means there is a problem with screenplay and that’s where Ram Mohan is let down.

Avika Gor Thanu Nenu Movie ReviewAvika Gor and other artists?
Once again Avika Gor’s has chosen a script that puts her character at the center of proceedings. She breezes through the film without breaking any sweat. There is really scope for her to show her performance skills but whatever she has done, it is adequate. Ravi Babu playing the role of a father brings his usual quirky quality to it. Satya Krishna has an interestingly designed character and there is nothing else to it. Newcomer playing the friend to hero is again a nice selection.

MR Sunny Thanu Nenu Movie ReviewMusic and other departments?
Music by Sunny MR remains all of his past stuff and feels repetitive. They are neatly placed barring one number which is helps it’s cause though. Background score doesn’t register in an overall sense although there are few scenes with good work. Editing is alright and so is cinematography. Dialogues are fun filled and provide the major entertainment.

Highlights Thanu Nenu Movie ReviewHighlights?
Short duration.

Lacks seriousness and drama.
Predictable screenplay.

Drawbacks Thanu Nenu Movie ReviewAlternative Take
As has been mentioned above few time a dramatic narrative with simple humor intact would make for a better alternative take.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?
With big reservations.

Thanu Nenu Movie Review by Siddhartha