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Chaitanya does it finally!

146 Minutes – ‘U/A’

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What is “Thadaka” about?
Siva Rama Krishna (Sunil) is a timid guy who goes on to become a police officer, his younger brother, Karthik (Naga Chaitanya) is a tough lad. As a police officer, Siva Rama Krishna enters in to a tussle with local goons Kasi and Bagaa (Ashutosh Rana gang). Karthik pitches in between them and does the duty himself and wins accolades for his brother. Rest of the story is all about how these brothers take their story forward.

Sunil - Thadaka Review
How is Chaithu and Sunil in the movie?
Naga Chaitanya improved a bit from his last appearances but is yet to come off a long way. The ease of acting which is a must for the audience to connect is still missing. But good improvement is there for sure.

Sunil is good as always. The timid guy role helped him to showcase his comedy skills and he also delivers composed performance after his transformation as a tough guy.

Director Kishor Kumar- Dolly - Thadaka Review
How is Dolly direction?
Dolly is making a comeback after 4 years of his first movie release. He put in decent efforts to make the original ‘Vettai’ script more native. More comedy is stuffed in to the first half. But the problem lies in the narration due to too much of lag. If it is rectified, the movie would have been a super hit.

Tamannah - Thadaka Review
What about Tamanna,Andrea, Nagendra Babu,Brahmi and others ?
Tamannah and Andrea Jeremiah are mostly confined to songs. Tamannah’s glamour is tapped to the fullest especially in the beach song and Subanallah song. Naga Babu appeared in a little role and is okay.

Ashutosh Rana is powerful as villain. Brahmi is kewl as usual. Rama Prabha, Jaya Prakash Reddy managed some laughs. Srinivas Reddy is good at his usual self and Vennela Kishore comes in as an NRI is wasted.

Thaman_Thadaka Review
How is Music, Songs, Dances &other departments?
This is one disappointing album from Thaman in recent times. There is no freshness in the tunes and he seemed like he is not much interested. The back ground score is very effective in vital scenes which are must for elevating the heroism. Chaitanya tried a bit in dances.

Wilson’s cinematography is okay. Goutham Raju’s editing could have been better.

Naga Chaitanya - Thadaka Review
1. Improved performance of Naga Chaitanya
2. Sunil’s characterization especially second half
3. Tammanah’s oomph
4. Excellent fights.

Andreea - Thadaka Review
Any Drawbacks?
1, Too much of lag in the second half.
2. Weak Pre climax
This & That
A scene in which hero runs faster than the train looked weird.

Nagendra Babu- Thadaka- Review
What about its box office prospects?
Thadaka is an averagely made mass masala with few good elements here and there. But the director had managed to make the impact big. The movie is expected to be a decent hit this summer.

Did I enjoy it?

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