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Swamy-Ra-Ra-Movie- Review

What is  “Swamy Ra Ra” about?
The story will have its backdrop in the ‘nela maaligas’ (Secret under ground chambers) of Padmanabha Swamy in Thiruvananthapuram. A small golden Ganesh idol goes missing from there and it has a huge value due to antic value. Durga (Ravi Babu) is a baddie who wants to get it any cost. There is a clever pickpocketer Surya (Nikhil) who also wants to get it. And finally, there is a simple journalist Swathi (Colours Swathi) who just purchases a yellow coloured Vespa and names it as ‘Banti Puvvu’. Rest of the story is about the changes the idol brings in their lives.

Nikhil siddarth -Swamy-Ra-Ra-Movie- Review

How did Nikhil do?
After making a promising debut with Happy Days, Nikhil’s career did not progress any further thanks to his bad script selection and monotonous acting. But we see a new Nikhil in this movie. His looks are very sophisticated and fresh. He stopped forcing himself to mimic some one and got in to the shoes of the character.

Director Sudhir Verma -Swamy-Ra-Ra-Movie- Review
How is Sudhir Verma direction ?
Sudhir Varma seem to be a representation of the current generation film makers. Like every aspiring directors, the influence of Ram Gopal Varma and some other Hollywood directors like Quarantino seem to be acting on it. But he cleverly used them to the good of the film and succeeded in it. He trusted his cast and crew well even though they are all new and also made right use of them. However, he faltered a bit in the second half of the movie and the lag tests the patience of the audience but towards the end, few twists sustained the movie.

Colors Swathi -Swamy-Ra-Ra-Movie- Review

What about Colors Swathi and others?
Swathi is already a proven actress. The only problem with her is she goes slightly overboard some times but the director had intelligently woven her character. We all see a very new and appealing Swathi in the movie. Ravi Babu does a character which is a cake walk for him and it is good. Pizza fame Pooja Ramachandran is good in the role of hero’s friend. Jeeva did the role of antiques expert and is good too. Rest of them are good as well.

Music Director Sunny-Swamy-Ra-Ra-Movie- Review
How is Music, Songs &Cinematography?
A new comer Sunny scored music for the movie. The back ground score is fresh and helped in enhancing the scenes. All the songs come in back ground and are pleasing to hear. There is no scope for dances.

Richard Prasad, the cinematographer of the movie is new as well. But his work on screen looked as if he is very experienced. The entire screen in bright and colourful. Even the technique is good. Editing by Karthik Srinivas is very good. Art work is good. Production values are very high for a small movies.

Jeeva -Swamy-Ra-Ra-Movie- Review
1. Perfect casting
2. Excellent work by the director in Script, Screenplay, dialogues and direction
3. Fresh music and camera work

Any Drawbacks?
1. Lag in the second half
2. Predictable story

Ravi Babu -Swamy-Ra-Ra-Movie- Review
What about its box office prospects?
Swamy ra ra falls in the category of crime comedies like Kshanam Kshanam and Anaganga o roju. Every member of the movie had contributed well. The movie is a okay watch for its first half and gets slowed down in the second half of the movie and picks up towards the end. With some good publicity, the movie can do decently well at the box office

Did I enjoy it?

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