Suryakantham Review – Shallow And Exasperatingly Annoying

Suryakantham Review, Suryakantham Movie Review RatingsBOTTOM LINE
Shallow And Exasperatingly Annoying


‘U’ Certified, 2 hrs 03 mins

Suryakantham Review, Suryakantham Movie Review Ratings
What Is the Film About?
In simpler terms, Suryakantham is a triangle love story involving one boy Abhi (Rahul Vijay) and two girls Suryakantham (Niharika Konidela) and Pooja (Perlene Bhesania). Who does Abhi pick or is made to choose? We only come to know about this age-old plot too late in the day though.

How Is Niharika’s Performance?
Suryakantham, as the title suggests, is an out and out Niharika Konidela movie. It’s a one-woman show from her, even though it might not be her point of view from a storytelling perspective.

The real question is, does the act work? Unfortunately, that is a big no. Niharika is the same as before, bubbly and chirpy, additionally more ferocious and active, but, none of it works, and it starts to grate on our nerves pretty soon. It has got more to do with the way the character is written than the acting. The latter becomes an issue as we get to see more and more of her in that role.It is shallow and lacks depth.

Suryakantham Review, Suryakantham Movie Review RatingsDirection by Pranith Bramandapally?
Pranith Bramandapally comes with a predictable wafer-thin story and expects to hold the attention through the characters and the writing. The problem with films like these is they toe a very thin line in getting things right and going horribly wrong. In the case of Suryakantham, it goes the latter way and very soon at that.

We are currently in a digital media age where the consumption of cinema is as much in cinema, as online. The competition is fierce, and we get quality products on the streaming platform as well. Much before, and still short films continue to surprise on that count. The ‘online’ aspect is mentioned here because Suryakantham feels like an extended short film on the big screen. And it is a bad one even on that score.

Right from the blurry framing to the wannabe punchy dialogues and low production values, Suryakantham gives a poor short film vibe all over. Few funny exchanges and background score form the only redemption.

The first half has a non-existent story. It is a series of haphazardly cut sequences held together by soothing background score. The actors and director add nothing from their arsenal. It just goes on and on until we start to feel frustration. The intermission is a breather in disguise.

Post interval, at least we get an idea that the whole framework and the narrative is shaping up as a love triangle where a woman is at the centre and calling shots. However, lack of engaging scenes and needlessly added comedy for the sake of entertainment derail the proceedings. As we reach the end, lousy editing makes life much frustrating.

On the whole, Suryakantham is a coming of age drama featuring a female performer in the lead. Sadly, poor characterisation and execution leave a lot to be desired. It is easily avoidable in cinemas.

Suryakantham Review, Suryakantham Movie Review RatingsRahul Vijay and Others?
There are only three characters of importance, and one among them happens to be Niharika. The other two are Rahul Vijay and Perlene Bhesania. The former is actually supposed to be the main male lead. He doesn’t have that looks and presence, though. Whenever the character is required to be tough and rises above the ordinary, Rahul Vijay fails. Perlene Bhsania has a more straightforward role in comparison. She does her part well. Among the rest, Suhasini shines the most followed by Shivaji Raja. Sathya is getting typecast.

Mark-k-RobinMusic and Other Departments?
Mark K Robin’s music is saving grace for the movie technically. The background score is decent and helps in creating a mood only to be ruined by poor cinematography and the editing. The writing is the other aspect that works in parts. The dialogues carry a different flavour as far as comedy is concerned. It fizzles out in the dramatic sequences.

Suryakantham Review, Suryakantham Movie Review RatingsHighlights?
Few Comedy Punches
Run Time

Lead Heroine Characterization

Satya-AkkalaAlternative Take
A Sekhar Kammula treatment in writing would have elevated the proceedings.

Did I Enjoy It?

Will You Recommend It?

Suryakantham Review by Siddartha Toleti

Suryakantam-ReviewPreview: Suryakantham

Seriously, this is Niharika Konidela’s third Telugu movie and she is yet to prove herself she has the stuff to be on a big screen. The trailer of ‘Suryakantham’ was okayish and we can’t bet on it that there is some promise for the Konidela girl.

Niharika indeed comes from a big family and therefore, she occasionally gets offers though her debut movie was disappointing and suggested that she can’t pull off a heroine feat on the big screen. She was okay for television and so far, no luck on the big screen. She never gave away any such vibe that she has the charisma to pull it off on the big screen.

Coming to ‘Suryakantham’, the only thing that would work is the content and if the character turns out to be relatable to the present generation of youngsters. That’s for the audiences to decide and of course, ‘Suryakantham’ is here to give away Niharika exam results as an actress.

The hero of the film, Rahul Vijay is weak and we don’t know much about the director Panith B. The entire promotions were taken care of by the mega brand. It’s time to find out if the mega brand works for ‘Suryakantham’. Keep watching this space for ‘Suryakantham’ comprehensive review by our team mirchi9.

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